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FausTech Gear 1.9.4

Multiplayer friendly roleplay equipment and items!

  1. Long overdue fixes!

    Due to getting an unusual amount of messages from users, I've gone and fixed the FausTech Atelier - it should now properly be available without being in /admin at the Inventor's Table.

    If you have previous made a FausTech Atelier, you will need to (sadly) break it and replace it with a brand new one. You will know if yours is up to date if it is marked with a (2020) in the title.

    I included a vending machine as well for those who are more interested in simply getting the items without...
  2. FausTech Gear 1.9.3

    Hello hello! So after a few months I realized I had this mod listed, yet not updated to a proper vanilla-friendly state. So I fixed that and here it is uploaded for you all.
    The previous versions required recipes and all that, blah blah blah - nope this is all in one object. Craft it up at your local Inventor's Table (of any level) and after throwing in five tungsten bars you'll be able to plop out a brand new FausTech Atelier.

    Sure it looks just like an iron crafting table, but...
  3. Hey why not add a bandana?

    • Added a simple blue bandana covering the face as per request
  4. Quick color change

    • Changed the color of the aviators
  5. Last update for 1.X ver

    • A bunch of corrections for recipes that for some reason or another had gotten glitched - should all be accessible.
    • Added some aviators
    • 2.0 will be a major revamp with a bunch of work put into it
  6. More Headgear & Bug Fixes!

    • Added Full Head Medical Wrap & LLVA Goggles
    • Restored icon for FausTech Atelier
    • Restored VECS Helm w/Hood, FausTech Light Hoodie, Erchius Stim and Erchius Concentrate (they should all be craftable once again)
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  7. More Items! Yay! And some other fixes!

    • Added new Gas Mask, Battle Damaged Armor, Tactical Jeans, Head Bandage, Commander's Coat, Patrol Cap, Patrol Cap w/Headset, and Helmet w/Headset - as well as updated the original Helmet.
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't make the VECS Hooded Helmet even though you had both items. If you're still experiencing the bug, try to remake both items....
  8. >Added new gear, cleaned up everything else!

    >Added the new VECS (Vacillating Environment Compensation Suit) equipment as per request - including the ability to combine one with a Duststorm Hood to get that ultra ragged experience down.

    >The VECS Tank does indeed supply the wearer with oxygen when applicable (underwater, in space, etc). That should help with roleplay immersion.

    >Still working on the last four requested pieces of equipment, they should be released in a day or so.

    >Made sure every item now bears the FausTech logo...
  9. Spaceship Crew Kit

    >Added a Crewmans Shirt - which blends in perfectly with the Light Trousers.
    >Added a custom headset head piece. (The inventory Icon is currently blank, but it will still show up on your character as well as work in multiplayer).


    1. Capture.PNG
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  10. Added requested gear

    >Added some [C] Variant gear as per request.


    1. starbound_info2.gif