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FausTech Universal Communicator 1.6.3

Enhanced Chat window w/roleplay aesthetic features

  1. QoL update

    Small change here - adjusted the PLAYER tab to now be ALL[L] (L for Local). It will act identical to the ALL tab except you will broadcast your chat locally only. Handy to have on servers where you want to dial into the universal chat. The standard LOCAL chat remains if you want to isolate your chat.
  2. 1.3 Patch

    I had been recently informed that my chat mod was not 100% compatible with 1.3 - so that is now fixed. Thanks in part to Alistairr for pointing this out. :)
  3. Starbound 1.1 Patch

    >Fixes all incompatibility issues with 1.1's addition of the local and party chats.
  4. Further Adjustments :)

    >For some reason a few pixels were showing transparent that should not have been
    >A slight height change as well to make things as uniform as possible.
  5. Quality of use tweak

    >Decreased the alpha a bit as per request to make text easier to read in more environments


    1. starbound_info.gif
  6. Completely New UI

    >Completely redid the graphics to make it blend better with Starbound's own UI style for better consistency and immersion
  7. Requested Size Alteration

    >Sizes adjusted as per request. Don't forget you can click the chat box to resize it!
  8. Bug Fixes

    >Now with 100% less excess text flying off the screen.