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Outdated Fazbear Decorations Night 0.1

Where fantasy and fun come to life!

  1. TimeCraked
    This mod is simple and was made for my FNAF 4 hype.

    To get the decorations and items in this mod, just craft your Fazbear Entertainment Box, and pick away at whatever you desire!
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Recent Reviews

  1. zy593274522
    Version: Night 0.1
    Very good!
  2. ReburonMaxus98
    Version: Night 0.1
    This is very good mod and i want the same as WolfFern77
  3. Puffball22
    Version: Night 0.1
    I was waiting so long for a mod like this! I love it so much!!!
  4. WolfFern77
    Version: Night 0.1
    This is a great mod and someday I'd love to see it become more than just a furniture mod but rather a mod with everything from the FNaF series. =D
  5. NuclearPotato
    Version: Night 0.1
    Aand try not to wonder what is in the box.