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FezzedTech 1.3r1

Support mod for custom items with some roleplay features

  1. v1.2 update

    v1.2: Changelog for this version:

    - [NEW] Added binds for action bar slots 7 to 12 (only available on modded action bars), as well as a bind to switch between action bar groups in reverse (only useful on modded action bars). These binds require xSB-2, OpenStarbound or StarExtensions. If you want to use action bar mods, xSB-2 v2.4+ is highly recommended, as it makes them fully multiplayer-compatible.
    - [NEW] Added the "invisibleFlyer" stat. When enabled, players can fly as if they were using a FezzedTech paraglider, but there is no visible glider. This is suitable for back items that add wings and the like. This stat can be combined with "avosiGlider" for more lift.
    - [CHANGE] Refactored much of the mod's code in preparation for potential future changes to xSB-2's Lua engine.
    - [CHANGE] Added compatibility with xAdvancedChat.
    - [BUGFIX] Several minor bugfixes, including one that fixes a minor bug where the ruler showed "10.0m" instead of "10m".
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