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Support mod for custom items with some roleplay features

  1. v1.1.4 update

    v1.1.4: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed a bug where "largePotted" characters would hop when using an item that changes their collision box. (The item in question is a skateboard whose /spawnitem command will be uploaded to the Discord server.)
    • Added "jumpFireMode" and "autoFireTime" to grappling hooks. "jumpFireMode" functions the same way as it already does for activeItem weapons -- see the changelog for details....
  2. v1.1.3 update

    v1.1.3: Changelog for this update:
    • Made some under-the-hood changes to make FezzedTech use newer xSB callbacks when available. (Download xSB on the linked Discord server.)
    • FezzedTech now checks for the "ignoreFezzedTechAppearance" status property, which disables FezzedTech's appearance changes (so that characters can wear pots or mermaid tails without the movement effects) if it's not false or nil/null. "ignoreFezzedTech" no longer...
  3. v1.1.2 update

    v1.1.2: Changelog for this update:
    • Made some under-the-hood changes to allow other mods to query whether FezzedTech is loaded and, if desired, to disable it. To check whether FezzedTech is loaded and running, check for math.__fezzedTechLoaded. To disable (most of) FezzedTech, set the "ignoreFezzedTech" status property to true (or anything "truthy"); this also causes math.__fezzedTechLoaded to be false. Dice commands, empty techs and...
  4. v1.1.1.5 update

    v1.1.1.5: Changelog for this update:
    • Added a new tailless stat and modified the existing behaviour associated with it (it's now affected by the wind!). When this stat is active, characters with avosiFlight or avosiJetpack will fly less-than-stably. This is mostly intended for use in roleplays.
    • The mertail stat no longer automatically grants the effects of fastSwimming, which may be added separately to items.
  5. v1.1.1.4 update

    v1.1.1.3: Changelog for this update:
    • Those who are largePotted should now be able to use paragliders and items that change the size of their collision box (having a non-standard hitbox now cancels the inability to move).
  6. v1.1.1.3 update

    v1.1.1.3: Changelog for this update:
    • Added a new largePotted stat. This works much like the gettingOverIt stat, except that the player's height isn't reduced.
  7. v1.1.1.2 update

    v1.1.1.2: Changelog for this update:
    • Players with wings (anything with an avosiWings, avosiFlight, avosiWingedArms or swimmingFlight stat on it) equipped can now fly themselves like kites with a grappling hook when it's windy! They can use Jump to go up and Up to reel themselves in and go down.
    • Grappling hooks no longer automatically disengage themselves and let players get a free air jump upon using Jump while roleplay...
  8. v1.1.1.1 update

    v1.1.1.1: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed several syntax errors that rendered the dice rolling commands (and various items) unusable. The in-game version number is wrong and I'm too tired to fix it, sorry.
  9. v1.1.1 update

    v1.1: Changelog for this update:
    • Neon is now no longer required to "auto-post" die rolls to chat. (And good thing too — the current version of Neon makes the game just crash when loading into single-player.) Additionally, party is now a valid <is public> argument, and a few bugs with /rab's and /raba's argument handling have been fixed.
  10. v1.1 update

    v1.1: Changelog for this update:
    • Added four new dice rolling commands, explained in the mod description. The ability to "auto-post" dice rolls to chat requires Neon.