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Support mod for custom items with some roleplay features

  1. v1.0.8 update

    v1.0.8: Changelog for this update:
    • Made parkour a bit more fluid — players automatically jump off background and side walls by default when you hit the Jump key (normally Space) in the air with a background wall behind you or a side wall next to you.
    • The old "sticky" behaviour is still there — simply hold down the Walk key (normally Left Shift) and then, while holding it down, press Jump and then release both keys.
    • The Up...
  2. v1.0.7.1 update

    v1.0.7.1: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed a bug where characters with a mermaid tail would hop in low gravity when they stopped crawling.
  3. v1.0.7 update - Zero-G clinging and walking

    v1.0.7: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed a bug where wings would "work" in zero-G / free fall.
    • Reworked how parkour wall grabbing works in zero-G / free fall. You can now cling onto space station walls if the "parkour" stat is enabled (but not "basicParkour"). You'll even flip upside down if you cling onto a "ceiling"!
  4. v1.0.6.3 update

    v1.0.6.3: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed a few bugs with the "mertail" status effect. It now allows jumping while crawling and correctly implies "fastSwimming".
  5. v1.0.6.2d update

    v1.0.6.2d: Changelog for this update:
    • Finally fixed the edge cases with how "invisible" stances affect player facing. Had to add a check to see if an alt hand item exists.
  6. v1.0.6.2c update

    v1.0.6.2c: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed the original edge case that was fixed in v1.0.6.2a but came back in v1.0.6.2b due to the lack of an "is the alt item invisible" check. Both edge cases should now be resolved.
  7. v1.0.6.2b update

    v1.0.6.2b: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed another edge case that involves dual-wielding an item with an active "invisible" stance in the primary hand and any item without such a stance (including those that aren't active items) in the alt hand.
  8. v1.0.6.2a update

    v1.0.6.2a: Changelog for this update:
    • Fixed an edge case where dual-wielding two items that both have "invisible" stances at the same time causes the player to (incorrectly) always face the cursor.
  9. Update v1.0.6.2

    v1.0.6.2: Changelog for this update:
    • Added an "invisible" parameter to weapon stances. Setting this to true in a particular stance makes the item "invisible" in that stance, acting as if it were an armour item or a crafting material in that hand.
  10. v1.0.6.1 update

    v1.0.6.1: Changelog for this update:
    • Adjusted the flopping animation and allowed it to be used on potted characters.
    • Slightly adjusted parkour movement, splitting the base parkour movement into the "basicParkour" stat, while a version with improved climbing speed is assigned to "parkour".