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Outdated Firebound Hair Firebound Hair 1.6

70-ish and counting hot hairstyles that only have a tested 5% chance of burning you to death!

  1. Firebound Hair 1.6

    Happy new year! I've decided to revisit this mod, adding various fixes to the currently existing hair. Notably, Novakid hairstyles have been modified so that Novaskin is no longer required for optimal use.
  2. Firebound Hair v.1.5

    A quick update; Adds eight new human hairstyles, and one new glitch hairstyle, as well as fixing some visual problems with a couple hairstyles. I'll probably add some more here quite soon.

    For once, here's some previews.
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  3. Firebound Hair v1.4 Update

    While a rather small update, it's still an update. Now that I'm on summer break, hopefully I can add more stuff to the mod and the links won't break finally. Adds 11 hairstyles, IIRC. I had the update ready a week and a half ago and I don't remember how many it adds. Let's just say, it adds some.
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  4. Firebound Hair v1.3

    Added 13 new hairstyles; 1 Floran, 1 Glitch, 7 Human, and 4 Hylotl. Some are shared between eachother.

    Also, Gaige hair, on request by a special friend of mine who loves playing as Gaige in BL2.

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  5. Don't mind me, just pulling some hairs. By some I mean a lot.

    It was a bit of an oversight on my part, but I noticed that I forgot that I had an extra comma in some parts of my code! I thankfully fixed it. Excuse the somewhat quick consecutive update, but I'd like my mod to work on your game, no?
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  6. Firebound Hair v1.2

    5 New Apex hairstyles, 4 New Floran hairstyles, and 1 New Glitch hairstyle.

    A small update, there isn't really much new at the current moment. I have a new computer, and some of my mods were unable to transfer. Thankfully, Firebound Hair was able to transfer.
  7. Firebound Hair v1.1

    9 New hairstyles; 7 Glitch, 2 Hylotl

    The Glitch were a bit tricky, as it was hard not to make the "hair"...well...hair. Also cloth, cloth everywhere. For now, they are all female. (There is one male hairstyle in there for giggles, though.)

    Mainly that jelly fish head tho.