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Fixel Goods Store 1.2

Don't mind me, just fixing other people's bugs...

  1. ItsTheKais
    Fixes a few glaring bugs in the Pixel Goods Store mod, as the developers don't seem interested in updating it anymore despite apparently having been made aware of most/all of these issues. This is not a standalone replacement, it is a patch that must be installed ALONG WITH PGS to work!

    I am not planning on significantly updating this unless another obvious major design issue crops up as a result of future updates to Starbound or (against all odds) Pixel Goods Store. If you send me a bug report, make sure to pastebin me your log file, along with a list of objects affected by the bug and a description of what you were doing when it occurred, so that I can be sure it's actually something I'm able to fix with a patch.

    To state the should-be-obvious: this patch is not "multiplayer safe." If not everyone on a server, plus the server itself, have this mod installed, then a plague of crashes will descend upon thee.

    • Fixes Jelly Block overwriting the vanilla Jelly Blob block and crashing the final story mission.
    • Fixes Hi-tech Toaster, Living Stone Cooking Pot, Living Stone Fireplace, and Stone Fireplace using an obsolete cooking interface
    • Fixes Living Stone Counter bringing up an empty, useless meal-prep interface
    • Fixes the store interface's close button being invisible
    • Fixes the Glitch Vinyl Player and Apex Tape Recorder using the phenomenally stupid noisy.lua script that keeps playing forever even if you quit to the title screen. As a side-effect, these objects are no longer interactable and play music constantly, but at least they shut up when you break them. Making them properly interactable would require me to substantially rewrite their guts, which I feel is out of scope for a bugfix patch and so won't be doing, even if people complain. Sorry, not sorry.
    • Fixes containers not playing sounds if opened/closed too fast
    • Fixes the odd typo
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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