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Floran Wing Ship 2018-10-21

Flying wing ship based on beta-era Floran intro video, for Starbound 1.3

  1. intrepid-explorer
    Floran Flying Wing Ship

    Design based on Starbound beta Floran intro video. Compatible with Starbound 1.3.3.

    by Intrepid-Explorer

    This ship design is based on the 'flying wing' seen in the Floran intro video during Starbound's open beta.
    The vanilla Floran ship is made up of bits and pieces of other races' ships. While I understand they are technology scavengers, it does not make sense to me that they would, when expanding the ship, visit a junkyard, chop off part of a derelict ship, and weld it onto their ship. Imagine the difficulty of connecting all the pipes and wiring, as well as interfacing potentially incompatible equipment! So to me it makes more sense that they would scavenge design principles, modules, and parts, but the hull of the Floran ships would likely be Floran-built. Following that line of reasoning, the exterior appearance of such a ship would be both crude and utilitarian.

    So combining the beta 'flying wing' image with the concept of a roughly built hull containing scavenged technology, I came up with this flying wing design. The major hull armor plates are a patchwork of unpainted welded plates. The sensor array on top is a bit rusty and does not match, whereas the missile packs and guns look new, floran priorities being to the hunt.
    I also prefer the approach to ship upgrades that some other ship-mod authors take: you start with a big ship, but only part of it functions and is accessible, and successive upgrades open more areas of your ship. This always made more sense to me than the vanilla upgrade approach in which your ship grows larger. So in this mod, ship upgrades are gradual repairs that make more and more of the existing ship usable by gradually repairing the damage that occurred prior to game start.

    The left-most area of the ship is a sigle vertical shaft that provides access between the levels, so you can install elevators if desired.
    To install, unzip the contents to your mods folder (\Starbound\mods) and make a new Floran character. To find the folder, find Starbound in your Steam library, select Properties, and "Browse local files."

    To install to an existing Floran character, it takes more work:

    1. Remove everything possible from your ship, including the contents of the storage locker, and beam to some location that is not your ship.
    2. Exit the game, and delete that character's .shipworld files in \Starbound\Storage\player including bye backups (BAK1, BAK2, and BAK3). It helps to sort the files by date to find the right ones.
    3. Repeat these two steps for all you existing Floran characters.
    4. Install the mod by unzipping to the mods folder.
    5. Start the game, load your Floran character, and beam to your new ship.
    6. Reinstall all your shipboard equipment and supplies.

    Enjoy! Meaningful feedback is appreciated. I will provide this both to the forums and the Steam workshop, when I figure out how.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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