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Outdated Force Gates 2.1.1 [Spirited Giraffe]

Tired of meteors destroying your painstakingly crafted house? Deflect them onto your friend's house!

  1. PenguinToast
    Force Gates

    This mod adds force gates to Starbound, allowing you to push everything around!

    Update 2.0
    Updated mod for Upbeat Giraffe, rewritten from ground up with a new Force Gate Controller system!'


    Once the wiring station is unlocked, you will be able to craft Force Gate Nodes:

    Place the Force Gate Nodes in a line to connect them. The nodes will automatically connect to the closest nodes:

    The arrows on the nodes show the average direction of the connected gates. Interacting with a node will swap the directions of the connected gates:

    Objects passing through the gate will be accelerated in the direction the gate is facing.
    Things that will be pushed: players, monsters, item drops, npcs, projectiles, throwables


    Projectile reflector:

    Force Gate Controller
    Force Gates 2.0 takes advantage of new modding features in Upbeat Giraffe to provide greater control over your force gates, and an easier way to configure many at once.

    I'm not very good at explaining things, so you might be confused after reading through this the first time. Don't worry, things will hopefully make sense when you try them in game.

    You can craft Force Gate Controllers and a Force Gate Config Tool at the wiring station, which you will need to configure your gates.
    To open up the configuration menu for a Force Gate Node or a Force Gate Controller, simply interact with it while you are holding a Force Gate Config Tool.

    Nodes can be assigned several controllers to control them through the node's configuration menu. Controllers lower in the list take precedence over controllers higher in the list.

    Assigning a controller to a node:
    Assigning multiple controllers:

    The config tool can be used to copy assigned controllers by pressing the copy button, and then left clicking on other nodes to paste:

    Controllers can be renamed as well:

    Controllers currently have 2 states: off and on. Controller state can be toggled by interacting with it, or through a wire:

    When a controller is in a certain state, it will set the variables checked in the list on the left to the values assigned on the right for all nodes connected to the controller.

    Setting force gate force angle:

    Setting force gate active:

    Setting force gate strength:

    Nodes can be toggle via wire as well:

    Ashua - Art
    VasVadum - Description, and recipes
    PenguinToast - Everything Else

    This mod uses PenguinGUI for its UI.

    No longer relevant info:

    Update 1.3
    Added new art for everything, all made by Ashua
    Added a new description for the force gate node, as well as balanced recipes - you can still get the items for free from Tabula Rasa. Description and recipes by VasVadum


    Swapping the direction of a single gate:
    http://giant.gfycat.com/ExemplaryChillyKiwi.gif or http://fat.gfycat.com/AcidicSillyCanary.gif

    The gate nodes can be toggled via wire:

    A Force Gate Switch can be used to change the directions of each gate connected to a node:

    A Compact Force Gate Switch can be used to change the up/down/left/right directions of a node:

    Wire relays can be used to make wiring neater, especially over long distances:

    Just drop ForceGates.modpak into your Starbound mods folder (giraffe_storage/mods).


    I'm open to any comments or suggestions! If there are any bugs, please let me know.

Recent Reviews

  1. Dauthdaert
    Version: 2.1 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    A very solid mod, it does what I needed it to do.
    However, the gates are a bit odd when it comes to actually aiming the force, but doing it in grids solves THAT problem. Well done.
  2. OneWhoJumpsOverSheep
    Version: 2.1 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    May the force... gate be with you... This mod is simple and amazing, thank you sir!
  3. Markelius
    Version: 2.0.2 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    Thanks so much! This has always been my preferred way to making grav-lifts and horizontal transportation, and it works brilliantly!
  4. wfttNEKO
    Version: 2.0 [Upbeat Giraffe]
    I love it! thank you very much!
  5. Majestic121
    Version: 1.3
    Awesome mod, thanks
  6. Vuldreg
    Version: 1.3
    This mod will be really useful for more then just protecting your home from monsters or meteors, Would be a great way to make elevators to higher areas like if some one builds a house in the sky.
  7. fariel
    Version: 1.2.2
    I wish this was in the standard game. It's so good, I want to use this on servers.
  8. Dzony_B
    Really cool mod. Can i just suggest an option to make node not connect to other specific node. Maybe to make some tool that cancels that force line connected nodes make. (like placing a block,but without a block).
  9. Aurtose
    Great mod, could be abused easily though (haven't tried it on any bosses but I assume it negates any threat they pose)
    Found it just as my asteroid base was annihilated. Needless to say I'm very thankful for this mod.
  10. mizukaru
    This is by far one of my favorite mods. The Designer not only keeps it well updated, he even goes out of his way to cope with his follower needs. Well worth a 5 star rating, and a fantastic fun mod that increases the endless possibilities of starbound.