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FPV Racing Drone 0.94.2

Who doesn't like flying drones? Not me.

  1. More Colors + bugfix

    another update? madness o.o

    bugfix - color index out of range would break config window
    add - ui buttons changed a bit
    add - color list now generated from many color lists
    - modular mech colors (16 colors)
    - body colors from the 7 vanilla species (75+ colors)
    - monster body/hair/detail colors (60+ colors )

    installing any of the Colorbound mods will add many new colors
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  2. Fun Times with Weapons

    more cool things

    add - Configuration Window (SHIFT + RCLICK)
    - drop a projectile weapon in the slot, drone will shoot it with LCLICK
    - customizable drone colors
    -- uses Modular Mech color table - get 'Colorbound for Mechs' for more colors

    add - fpvrace_start object
    - pretty standard light tree - wire a button up to input node, press button

    add - fpvrace_gate object (unfinished)
    - wire output to next gate object (and repeat) to make a race...
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  3. Lightly Updated

    smaller filesize, forgot to delete a .wav :/

    -add: aimable spotlight :D
    -fix: should only ever spawn 1 drone at a time, even with heavy lag
    -fix?: further reduce drone <=> controller crosstalk

    havent had a chance to do anything to race infrastructure parts since last update
  4. whoops

    bugfix the bugfix

    forgot to uncomment a line :rip:
    drones now actually check if they are orphans
  5. bugfixes & junk

    couple of bugfixes and additions

    - orphan drones *should* kill themselves
    - reduce controller -> drone update rate to hopefully fix mp lag issues

    - goal indicator arrow (points at spawn position only for now)
    - start of the 'racing infrastructure' objects (fpvrace_start) - unfinished!

    tis the start of holiday madness, my free time is limited :/
    would love to have the racing infrastructure objects done before 21st
  6. Persistent Colors + bugfix

    small update to address a few things

    - bugfix: spawning drone so it fell in liquid left drone only partially active
    - add: persistent colors across spawns
    -- hold shift while clicking to spawn to change color

    working on making the colors modifiable, like mech parts
    if successful, shift + spawnclick will change to a popup window with color options :D