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Frackin' Music 3.45

Add-On for FrackinUniverse & Vanilla. Adds 200+ new songs to biome playlists.

  1. added new FU biomes, and the fix from last update is now "built in"

    That's about it. No new music, just new biome support and bugs addressed.
  2. Overhaul!

    DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH, unless of course you want annoying, high pitched rapid-fire beeps due to an error. This link is to save you a 500mb download just to change some minor text files. Unzip and install overwrite the FrackinMusic/biomes...
  3. fix for annoying loopy sound thing

    nuff said, really. fixes the mislabelled tunes that were causing crazy feedback sounds that shattered your sanity and left you a drooling mess of hate and rage.
  4. some new tunes and biomes

    Still haven't figured out which tune is causing the annoying .... "beepbeepbeepbeep" problem, sorry guys. The files all seem fine and nothing appears to be typo. Yet I've noticed it on arboreal and a couple others.

    Other than that:

    3 new tunes

    added in a smattering of the new biomes from FU as well as the vanilla Scorched and Alien biomes. That's all.
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  5. crash fix

    removed barren merge entirely. Regardless of what I did with it, somebody crashed.

    Barren worlds are primarily for building anyhow, and a tune going over and over and over is distracting. So, no great loss. You can skip downloading this 350 or so megs by simply deleting the file:


    if you're lazy, download :)
  6. First release for Upbeat Giraffe

    Same mod, nothing new.

    107 songs, usable in both vanilla and FrackinUniverse biomes.

    (if you experience an error talking about "barren", go to /frackinmusic/biomes/surface and delete the barren file entirely.)

    It's a large download, as per usual (350 megs, give or take a few)

    Install in giraffe_storage/mods/FrackinMusic

    additions: the new biomes from FU, as well as garden , ocean. Alien worlds still are not added. Just realized I forgot about that, but no biggy. I've got more biomes...
  7. some fixes



    all biome files are now properly merged.

    added all music tracks to underground sections too, rather than just the surface of worlds.

    finished removing all instances of Hall of Mountain King that I had missed
  8. minor update

    added support for new biome data with FF v53

    fixed issue where Hall of Mountain King was called for but no longer existed on Bog biomes
  9. mega-upload change

    Okay... hopefully this one has the bandwidth to deal with the download demand :)

    No changes to the mod itself since last update. Just a new host.
  10. minor changes, but a lot more songs

    allright so:

    I've added a ton of songs. The total is now 107. That's all for now for new songs. Mod is damned huge as it is.

    All the newly added tunes, and some of the others from before have been added to the vanilla biome track lists.

    Barren worlds now have music.

    That's all.

    Almost 400 megs now lol.