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FrackinRaces 5.3

Enables racial abilities for all Vanilla races, and many modded ones too!

  1. sayter
    NOTE: You can NOT use this with FrackinUniverse any longer. It is built in, making the two incompatible now.

    This mod grants racial abilities to every vanilla race, and to numerous user-created races.

    Note that no actual races are contained in FR...just the abilities. If you wish to get the user-created races you will need to download them yourself.

    FrackinUniverse is recommended for the best possible experience.

    For a list of racial abilities click below:

    If you wish to utilize aspects of this mod in your race mod, you are more than welcome to do so. The more interesting a race, the better! If you want me to include your race mod in FR, just ask!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. 5.3
  2. 5.2.77
  3. 5.2.76

Recent Reviews

  1. jhorsuan leonel
    jhorsuan leonel
    Version: 5.3
    the mod is broken, it causes the game to crash when started
    1. sayter
      Author's Response
      No it doesnt. You simply didnt bother to read the FU page where it plainly states you cannot install it with FU, as FU already includes it and using both will crash you.

      Please read mod pages in the future so you don't incorrectly review things because of your own error.
  2. Ashtar084
    Version: 5.2.7513
    i love it
  3. Vapoware
    Version: 5.2.742
    Excelent mod.
  4. Ashtar084
    Version: 5.2.43
    indispensable FU
  5. sketchE3000
    Version: 5.1.157
    love the mod, got a question tho, i got this one character that i frequently use, by any chance are y'all gonna add kemono species to the list?
  6. SanikoZmey
    Version: 5.1.156
  7. IvanQ
    Version: 5.1.148
  8. Legion Deathwish
    Legion Deathwish
    Version: 5.1.148
    5 Stars For :
    -Additional Every Race Has Resistance and Weaknesses From Elements (except human)
    -Additional Every Race Has own Attributes
    -Additional Racial Perks and Environmental Bonus
    -Human has no Resistance and no Weaknesses From elements but at least it has small bonus for jumping higher (Thanks Sayter)
  9. Jade_w
    Version: 5.1.148
  10. Natural Aura
    Natural Aura
    Version: 5.1.138
    I honestly didn't use this for quite some time. Although now that I have it I wouldn't want to play without it.