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FrackinUniverse 5.6.418

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.


    - adjusted zathi and porphis recipes, as they each had a typo

    - fixed some minor parallax issues with incorrect basecounts given for images

    - new monsters:

    Fatal Circuit (thanks to CLeF’s MrChow for letting me use him) (not spawning yet)

    Deathbot (recolored Fatal Circuit) (not spawning yet)

    Poison Fly (irradiated)

    Shadow Hound (modified dog) (Penumbra)

    Corrupt Fly (Penumbra)

    Mech Spider (metallic moon)

    Purple Moontant (Proto)

    Ash Golem...
  2. Stuff!!!!! STUFF!!!!

    - added new percentage-based health and energy buffs. These will be used in a few places to make for some more interesting health, armor and energy buffs.

    - insanity effect fixed. it should now be suitably annoying.

    - changed up a few recipes for plants, armor and resources

    - hurricanes significantly reduced on slime worlds (from 15% to 5%), while Slimestorm and Lesser Slime Storm increased slightly in frequency

    - fixed Slime monsters to behave differently. They now chase better, hop,...
  3. couple changes, and a couple fixes

    Sorry for the rapid-fire updates over the last few days. Lots of small but necessary changes.

    - fixed cell hardening 2 not unlocking. pick up a cell hardening 1 to unlock the recipe.

    - medbay bed has darker grey borders to better match other lab stations.

    - medbay bed has a higher-tier regeneration ability, which should heal you quite quickly now. It may require re-placing your bed or making a new one, but it should be okay.

    - new grasses added: Alien Grass...
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  4. tiny fix

    Just a typo fix for the poo-pit underground biome. Was causing crash to desktop due to being unable to find sewerguage, since it should have been sewergauge.
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  5. small fix

    had an incorrect entry for the avikan plant spawn in the aliendesert sub-biome. Fixed, so you shouldn't crash when visiting worlds with that subbiome anymore.
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  6. some little fixeroos

    - fiddled with the Science Outpost a little bit.

    - fixed metal moon issue with ore spawning causing loop/crash

    - extraction speed has been increased by x2. Later, each material will have varying times.

    - Added several new tiles effects to the newly added tiles. Ice has 3 levels of severity in terms of slipperiness. All are blocked by the same tech as before.

    - crystal swamps now have organic soup rather than swamp water, and not in an endless ocean format.

    - More new tiles: Glass Sand,...
  7. biome enhancements

    - gas mask should now properly block gas effects

    - tinkered with ocean level on bog biomes to reduce wonky sub-biomes matching poorly with the “ocean” bog.

    - frozenvolcanic and nitrogensea now have underground biomes of their own rather than using icewastes.

    - several biomes have had their trees/grasses reworked to give more interesting variety

    - added two new bushes from Nightly (alpinerocks, bioroots)

    - Design Lab quest 4 (Miracle Grasss) had incorrect recipe listed in the...
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  8. universe generation fix

    Nothing else new here. Just a fix for universe generation.

    Tinkered with biome generation in various solar systems to try and clean up the broken universe generation if creating a new universe with FU. Success! (and a giant thanks to Rhyssia for helping over the weekend when I was not able to be around! mucho appreciado senor badass!)

    You’ll see slightly altered biome spread on Gentle stars (FU planets will essentially appear only on the moons apart from primeval forest and bog,, leaving...
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  9. Some slight changes and fixes

    Nothing major this time.

    - genes from the xeno lab now appear as loot in science lab chests. These random genes should go a long way to speeding up your research and crafting. They might even lead to you creating plants you would otherwise ignore as new research paths randomly open thanks to recipe unlocks!

    -new line of subquests on primeval and other wooded worlds: Rooted. You’ll find an NPC at random offering quests. He’s wearing a dunce cap.

    - removed leaves from bloodstone trees...
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  10. minor adjustments

    just fixing a couple minor snafus with the latest release:

    - removed “nipples” on female slime armor upgrade (not a huge deal, but it looked stupid)

    - removed “desert_wastes” from default desert config (this was forgotten when I was testing)

    - removed “arboreal2” option from arboreal 1 config (like above, forgot after testing)

    - fixed broken quest-drop. You should now properly see the related NPC appearing (random chance) on Wasteland and Fungal worlds. Yes, I know it doesn't match...
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