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FrackinUniverse 6.3.8

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. Big changes!

    This update adds in quite a few things. Failing to read the updates notes means any issues you have are your own damned fault. You've been warned.

    (also, if you were one of the first 20 downloaders for this version..download again. I fixed some quantum extractor output errors [many items were returning normal extractor values])

    - NEW Extraction mechanic. You won’t notice much difference on your end (your current extractors should auto-update...
  2. wowzerz!

    This was meant to be a relatively small series of updates leading to 1.5 but bloat has really snuck in. For the better, however. Here's your list:

    - fixed some recipes that were appearing in the default crafting station when they shouldn’t have been. That means mutagens and other chemlab goods will not be so simple to produce (or rather, require the actual chemlab now)

    - increased frequency of Densinium spawns

    - rain effects drop substantially less liquid...
  3. minor tweaks

    A couple errors came to light with the last update, which I have fixed, as well as a crash bug with crystal plant effects. And hey, you get a new item in the deal so everyone wins!

    - Warrior armor chest now increases Shield Regen instead of +15% damage.

    - added Pioneer shield. unlock w/ Advanced Plastic

    - Densinium and Elder shield regen times adjusted

    - fixed a crash with crystal plant when consuming it’s produce

    - fixed a mis-named sub-biome (the new corrupt moon) causing...
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  4. A productive weekend, overall.

    - ice will not lag the hell out of your client anymore. I had the effect firing way too rapidly

    - added Birch Forest sub-biome

    - corrected a mining gun recipe issue with the second Hybrid upgrade. It was asking for 5, not 1 of the first hybrids as a requirement.

    - added 7 gas giant variants. These will appear in FU systems only, since CF will be adding their own to the vanilla systems anyhow.

    - slimes now spawn properly on gelatinous worlds. So do poo monsters. Not...
  5. Snowpants! Elder Asteroids! Clouds! Undersea sub-biomes! ...and stuff.

    The journey to 1.5 continues. More fine-tuning of biomes and sub-biomes going on this time around. Trying Mediafire this time to see if this fixes the download issues a few users experience in foreign countries.

    - New Planet Size: Huge (8000, compared to previous "large" vanilla world at 6000). These guys are gigantic. Still fine tuning the size of each layer, so report any silliness you encounter in terms of parallax, etc.

    - some new chests were...
  6. third time's the charm....

    Okay...sorry for all the upload hiccups today. Some issues with file structure locally that I think should be okay now.

    I suggest reading these update notes, or you're probably going to have a real bad time.


    - Powerful Mutagene now uses gravrain instead of swampwater (since, yknow, swampwater no longer exists in its old FU form)

    - Sampling Array has been COMPLETELY removed from crafting. All of it’s recipes are now unlockable the usual way (ie:...
  7. testing some new stuff, and several fixes

    some "little" big changes this time. Things seems to be working. Give 'er a go.

    if you want to test the "new" sampling array, turn on admin mode with /admin, then type /spawnitem samplingarray2. It temporarily is using the matterassembler graphic. Screw around with it, and see if you prefer it the "normal" way of vanilla crafting. If so, I will either merge it and the nanofabricator into a single station or keep both and remove the original array

    Tile Effects/...
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  8. testing testing

    nothing new here. Testing to see if the site is accepting updates properly now.
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  9. Replace-o Rama

    Had to create a new mod page to fix my inability to post. This update note will be monstrous, because it includes the last few builds the site would not post on the old mod page. Prepare yourselves.

    It should also be noted that BEFORE you update the mod, unequip any FU armor you are wearing. While you "should" be okay, I have done a lot of revisions to armors and it could cause you some grief if you are wearing the suits affected.

    A LOT has changed in these updates, so READ the update...