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FrackinUniverse 6.4.4

Enhance your starbound experience in every area. Massive mod.

  1. Finally!

    At long last, 1.5 introduces plant recipe unlocks.

    This means several things:

    1. You'll start with only a few plant recipes. You'll also need to break and re-place your Gene Design Lab or you'll have no recipes at all.
    2. You'll need to unlock more by finding resources or crafting lesser plants to unlock the higher tier ones
    3. Plant recipes and Gene recipes have been altered quite a bit. Genes are used a bit more, while...
  2. reupload for

    mediafire ignored the URL i included. Reuploading:

    -bella morte should travel much slower when thrown

    -bella morte now properly identifies as a Flower, not a Mushroom in the crafting UI

    -plant harvests now reward less seeds. Getting 3 to 4 seeds per plant harvest should no longer occur. These harvest details will be changed around completely for the next update, but in the meantime at least you won't have essentially infinite seeds. Arkaen is ...pretty badass.

    -rebalanced all new...
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  3. more micro-fixes!

    A few more fixes to run through the grinder here. Hopefully the last ones.

    - all ISE plants have proper Spaces defined and should be more easily plant/harvestable

    - victorleaf should now harvest properly rather than warp to ship

    - Quantum MM now has proper hover graphic (rather than its eridian counterparts image)

    (reuploaded twice with these additional changes/fixes)

    - rejigged the harvest files a little bit. You'll see half as many seeds now (it was way too numerous).
    - fixed PGI on...
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  4. oopsies!

    Huge updates sometimes mean a few problems.

    I'd forgotten the eridian plate recipe. So , I added that back in there for you guys.

    Also, the top-tier mining cannon will no longer kill background blocks. This should hopefully solve the StackTrace error once and for all.

    Fixed a quest progression error

    See the post below this for a full list of changes. If you didn't read them... READ THEM.
  5. Almost at 1.5 !

    This update is, quite frankly, monstrous. Still no plant unlocks yet, but that's coming up in the very next update. There was a lot of planning to do for it, so bear with me.

    Instead, you get a metric buttload of new content and fixes.
    If you don't read these notes, expect to be totally lost. Crafting is no longer the same.

    Start by breaking and picking up your Matter Assembler again,and build yourself a circuitboard and wire as well...you'll need...
  6. fixes , and some changes and additions

    A few things didn't make it into the 1.4.9 push. These are in now (including the important extractor fix to slot use)

    - Extractors now properly use their input and output slots when processing items.

    - Sampling Arrays are now useless. Kill your old ones, or just keep them around in broken glory for looks. They are still "there" but will no longer function properly. I'll re-add them later in some other capacity (potentially as decor)

    - adjusted name generators...
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  7. Big changes!

    This update adds in quite a few things. Failing to read the updates notes means any issues you have are your own damned fault. You've been warned.

    (also, if you were one of the first 20 downloaders for this version..download again. I fixed some quantum extractor output errors [many items were returning normal extractor values])

    - NEW Extraction mechanic. You won’t notice much difference on your end (your current extractors should auto-update...
  8. wowzerz!

    This was meant to be a relatively small series of updates leading to 1.5 but bloat has really snuck in. For the better, however. Here's your list:

    - fixed some recipes that were appearing in the default crafting station when they shouldn’t have been. That means mutagens and other chemlab goods will not be so simple to produce (or rather, require the actual chemlab now)

    - increased frequency of Densinium spawns

    - rain effects drop substantially less liquid...
  9. minor tweaks

    A couple errors came to light with the last update, which I have fixed, as well as a crash bug with crystal plant effects. And hey, you get a new item in the deal so everyone wins!

    - Warrior armor chest now increases Shield Regen instead of +15% damage.

    - added Pioneer shield. unlock w/ Advanced Plastic

    - Densinium and Elder shield regen times adjusted

    - fixed a crash with crystal plant when consuming it’s produce

    - fixed a mis-named sub-biome (the new corrupt moon) causing...
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  10. A productive weekend, overall.

    - ice will not lag the hell out of your client anymore. I had the effect firing way too rapidly

    - added Birch Forest sub-biome

    - corrected a mining gun recipe issue with the second Hybrid upgrade. It was asking for 5, not 1 of the first hybrids as a requirement.

    - added 7 gas giant variants. These will appear in FU systems only, since CF will be adding their own to the vanilla systems anyhow.

    - slimes now spawn properly on gelatinous worlds. So do poo monsters. Not...