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FU Tree Crops 1.6

Miniaturized trees!

  1. Categories

    - Reworked Botany Lab categories, moved crafting from Botany Lab to Greenhouse.
    - Added compatibility to Craftable Seeds NEW (mod on Steam Workshop).
  2. Cleanup

    - Tweaked the sprites. I accidentally uploaded another 1.3 in place of a 1.4 so this update should properly have all recipes learned by default.
  3. Recipe unlock fixed for real

    - Recipes should be unlocked by default properly.
  4. Fruit requirement

    - All recipes require 1 of the crops' respective fruit.
  5. player.config addition

    - Added recipes to player.config so you can craft them without picking up their fruits.
  6. Biome fix

    - Fixed Bog biome error.