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Fullscreen Starmap 1.4

A fullscreen sized navigation console!

  1. 1.4

    • Repositioned some texts such as the System Name, Navigation Offline, etc...
  2. 1.3

    • Added a 2560x1080p resolution.
    • Brought the zoom out cursor back and reduced the zoom out zone, it shouldn't overlap the planets and should make people happy.
  3. 1.2

    • Removed zoom out cursor, now you can only zoom out using the button. I did this because some people had issues with the zoom out zone being over the planets on outer orbits.
  4. 1.1.1

    • Fixed the space station transponder screen.
  5. 1.1

    • Added a dark variant for both resolutions.
    • Reduced the zoom in order to make it possible to see planets on outer orbits.
  6. 1.0.2 Re-upload

    • Re-uploaded file as a .zip, if you already downloaded 1.0.2 you don't need to download this version.
  7. 1.0.2

    • Fixed an issue with Frackin Universe.