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Outdated Fully Customizable Ship 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta

Lets you customize your ship block by block

  1. Princeofmar5
    ***Until further notice download the mod here: https://db.tt/EFETQhys ***

    *** Due to school I'm on hiatus until around May 10th***


    This mod gives you complete control over how your ship looks. Every block is breakable including objects like the ship locker and the captains chair.

    • Works With Vanilla Multiplayer
    • Completely Destructible Ship
    • Support For All Races (Custom Races Coming Soon)
    • Works With Existing Characters (Temporarily Removed)
    • Backup your saves to be safe
    • Remove previous versions of this mod
    • Place the extracted folder in the /mod folder in Starbound
    • Enjoy
    Existing Characters Installation (Temporarily Removed)
    • Install the mod
    • Take the shipworld file included with the mod and rename it to the shipworld file of the existing character
    • Enjoy
    Custom Races (Temporarily Removed)
    • Take the folder of the custom race you would like to do from the files included with this mod
    • Navigate to the mod of the custom race
    • Navigate to the ships folder of the custom race
    • Replace the folder there with the folder from this mod

    Known Bugs
    • Every time you upgrade the ship the game will place the ship again anywhere there is an empty space. So, for example, if you remove part of the ship and upgrade, it will put the blocks back based on the next blocks.png file.

    Version History
    • V2.0.UG Beta - Reworked for the Upbeat Giraffe update. Beta temporarily removed a few features until I figure out how things are going to work
    • 1.1.EK - Added support for some custom races, updated for Enraged Koala
    • 1.0.7.FK - Updated for Furious Koala and added a file to use for existing characters
    • 1.0.6.AK - Updated to Angry Koala
    • 1.0.6 - Updated for Offended Koala and the new modding system
    • 1.0.5 - Restructured files and added new installation method
    • 1.0.4 - Fixed bug that caused human characters to crash the game (Next time I should check for typos)
    • 1.0.3 - Fixed a few non-working blocks and removed unnecessary files.
    • 1.0.2 - It came to my attention that the size had no effect, so I made the files the default size again
    • 1.0.1 - Fixed bug so now all races can start with the correct items
    • 1.0 - Initial Release

Recent Reviews

  1. Amber Talamasca
    Amber Talamasca
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    I've manually updated the mod (for novakid) to work with 1.0. Can i have your permission to share the updated mod here? Or would you prefer to update it yourself at your leasure?
  2. WickedRaptor
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    it has potential but, it needs to be updated to glad to work right now (i couldn't get it to work, even following the install tutorial
  3. Professor Hirm
    Professor Hirm
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    das ist leider sehr schlecht und das funktioniert nicht mal
  4. NorthUniverse
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    This mod is exactly what I need. But an update, is also exactly what else I need
  5. Eeveeminecraft
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    This seems to be outdated and I loved this mod. I do hope you update it to the Pleased Giraffe Update so other players can use it. But for now, I'm just giving it 3 stars.
  6. MythixDino
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    This is exactly what I need. Now I can build my base as my ship :)
    I see many users giving just 1 star because it isn't compatible with SG?
    Seriously, it is. Ive tested it myself and it works really well. I didn't went into issues while upgrading or building my ship.
  7. 2troller1231
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    the latestest is spiirited how i play it is only the normal ship
  8. koeqatel
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    Please update to spirited giraffe
  9. Andrew9045
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    Dont work on spirited giraffe
  10. Cynthio
    Version: 2.0 Upbeat Giraffe Beta
    Not to be pushy, but I would really like it if this mod could be updated to the latest version. I use it a lot, and I love the mod, but it's just a shame that it hasn't been updated.