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Futara's Dragon Race (Revived Out Date Mod From 2014) 0.91b

FutaraDragon, Dragon, Race, Lover

  1. Dragon Lover (Patch 0.55b)

    -fix not render ui from split system
    -fix charge should not be continue charge after walk
    -split core system from the game (ui,localsound,character)
    -fix energy orb crash about data migration from older version
    -fix character animation is not change when play create new character
    -fix new beam down animation crash while beam down
    -fix sprite dragon skill against dragon flight skill
    -sprite dragon will rebirth when player change map
    -change warp back logic when sprite out of limit range
    -fix sprite dragon dea and do not remove out
    -status bar wrong color when HP going up
    - pull the warp effect out and try to fix it first ( I will add warp effect back after it fixed )
    -add dragon flame item that can be cook raw things
    -fix about exp fall dead effect should not be set as damage area
    -exp message will be more faster
    -fix charge sound start while walking when use charging skill
    -fix get exp from boss that do not take any damage
    -fix get exp with tanky enemy that still ignore defend
    -fix can not sleep when sleep and wake by jump and fly
    -add wall stuck passer mechanic
    -balance change about "Fire Blast" skill reduce a lot of speed down
    -fix sound do not stop when fly and warp to ship
    -resprite tail to longer and bigger
    -add small area passer mechanic
    -fix fly speed must support with speed multi
    -add special dragon tech for mechanic
    -add auto key mechanic will work automatic no matter what do not have weapon on hand
    -add disable tech item for remove tech when do not want
    -add sprite dragon fly idle animation
    -add sprite dragon fly breath fire animation
    -remake teleport effect
    -add character transform mechanic
    -add sprite dragon energy ball breath
    -add sprite dragon summon by press f key
    -add reshape transform character mechanic
    -add ai follower mechanic
    -player and ai swapper position mechanic
    -transform character
    -add new warp sound effect
    -add camera shake when warp in
    -balance change damage directly to stamina when flying
    -fix wall stuck passer mechanic current side
    -change stamina bar color down follow
    -move a lot of system leave from network code
    -add sprite dragon skill icon
    -fix bug do not update status bar config when select skill level
    -optimize network code level 3
    -api for modder that sync a lot of access table can be call it every where
    -add sprite dragon follow mode
    -add sprite dragon sprite mechanic between follower and player
    -add sprite dragon skill
    -add sprite dragon skill attribute active tech icon
    -add new mechanic force tech active skill command
    -add energy orb resource mechanic
    -add energy orb rainbow color toggle
    -fix skill menu can not be close when press right click
    -fix can not be use charge skill
    -fix flight stamina reduce before fly
    -fix dynamic shader glow effect display not correctly
    -fix skill unlock mechanic that unlock before have correctly skill
    -add option menu
    -add option tech menu
    -add disable tech for head type
    -add disable tech for body type
    -add disable tech for leg type
    -add option menu icon
    -add option tech menu icon
    -add disable tech for head type icon
    -add disable tech for body type icon
    -add disable tech for leg type icon
    -add new mechanic about disable tech
    -add multi level menu mechanic
    -fix the menu set for every skill
    -add toggle data active mechanic
    -add text message when toggle speciel option
    -reinit status bar config will not appear
    -add sprite dragon health bar
    -add sprite dragon attribute damage skill
    -add sprite dragon attribute distance skill
    -add sprite dragon attribute health skill
    -add sprite dragon attribute damage skill icon
    -add sprite dragon attribute distance skill icon
    -add sprite dragon attribute health skill icon
    -add sprite dragon energy shot ability
    -fix the treasurepools item not init for beginner treasure (fixed by ChanFoxx)
    -fix wear things on character in inventory view ui
    -add sprite dragon direction animation
    -add sprite dragon sit animation
    -add bar config to base skill
    -sync health bar with monster directly
    -fix the rainbow orbs toggle text display
    -fix crash when update speciel code paremeter
    -fix bar start to max first
    -fix sprite dragon defend should be same as player
    -fix sprite dragon should do not get any debuff
    -fix sprite dragon shader do not change while change contoller
    -fix sprite dragon can not be spawn again
    -add futaradragon sleep state object
    -fix light color after switch mode
    -add ai follower player or npc mechanic
    -fix teleport to sprite dragon when collider is not complete
    -fix spawn futaradragon sleep direction
    -add sleep effect to spawn futaradragon sleep
    -fix must not change to control sprite dragon when it stuck in wall
    -fix crash when too far from follow NPC then automatic go back
    -update exp ui very smooth
    -update status bar ui very smooth
    -update skill menu ui very smooth
    -fix message do not appear when set sprite dragon tech active
    -fix can not be change control mode when far from sprite dragon
    -fix sprite dragon far limit should be change back to follow mode
    -fix control sprite dragon far limit should be change back to move back a bit in far distance
    -fix sit animation when sit to something
    -fix stamina regen when control sprite dragon
    -fix status bar do not update to max when display is off
    -fix summon orb must be on main character not sprite dragon
    -fix character sit and change mode can not change direction
    -fix sound summon energy orb when futaradragon sleep still alive
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