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Gardenbot 2.1 -- REBOOTED --

Robotic Farming ... IN SPACE! - Supports modded plants! - Cheerful 1.3.4

  1. LoPhatKao
    Gardenbot 2.1 (Reboot Edition)
    These are the droids you're looking for!
    Current Starbound version: Cheerful Giraffe 1.3
    Current Gardenbot2 version:

    now included in download - unzip included "Gardenbot2_MP_2107.zip" into mods
    or rename "gardenbot2.config.nominers" to "gardenbot2.config"

    This is a derivative work of an abandoned mod, that was released under the Apache 2.0 License.
    All credit for original code and art assets belongs to Tynaut. (Github repo)
    Original Post is HERE (Gardenbot v1.2.0 - last update: 20140424 for Enraged Koala)

    Recommended Complimentary Mods - You don't NEED them, but they make farming even better :)
    Perennial Crops - Crops won't break when harvested (bot harvesting efficiency overrides somewhat)
    Compact Crops - Crops take up less horizontal space
    More Saplings - All trees drop saplings when harvested

    PortableOutpost - An alternative to the outpost, Gardenbot items available at Terracart.

    NOTE! - If it seems like bot is not picking up loot, be patient! It will learn to pick up that item - and remembers it until death.

    Video Review by GamingByGaslight

    Video Review by FireSpark81

    unzip archive to /starbound/giraffe_storage/mods
    (or follow the guide)

    - kill ALL your bots - Starbound will crash otherwise!
    - empty all the custom storage bins (food,wood,mining) [ optional ]

    Crop Farming
    Go to Terramart in Outpost, purchase a type v80g bot. (or craft it)
    Find some dirt, use Hoe to till at least 1 tile of it.
    Place and activate your v80g near dirt, throw a seed at bot.
    Place a chest nearby so bot can deposit all loots.
    Watch bot till soil, plant seeds, harvest crops, deposit loot etc. (or netflix ;))

    Lumber (tree) Farming
    Go to Terramart in Outpost, purchase a type v86g bot. (or craft it)
    Go to a planet with pre-existing trees, or have a bunch of saplings
    Place and activate your v86g near trees/saplings
    Place a chest nearby so bot can deposit all loots.

    Mining (ore farming)
    Go to Terramart in Outpost, purchase a type v49r bot. (it is uncraftable)
    Go to a planet you want lots of ores from.
    Place bot at least 50 tiles from anything you don't want to destroy.
    Activate bot - bot will dig down into planet
    Bot automagically places platforms, chests, lights and blocks as it needs them.
    Due to a Starbound limitation, you will need to follow bot down as it goes deeper into planet. (objects outside a certain radius around players do not get updated)

    Available for purchase at Terramart in the Outpost, or crafted with noted materials.

    Craftable using an Iron Crafting Table
    gbv80.png v80 - gbv80-r.png
    gbv81.png v81 - gbv81-r.png
    gbv82.png v82 - gbv82-r.png
    gbv86.png v86 - gbv86-r.png
    gbv87.png v87 - gbv87-r.png
    gbv49.png v49 - Uncraftable (Terramart Exclusive!)
    - inspired by this thread

    gbcropbin.png Crop Bin - gbcbin-r.png
    gbwoodshed.png Wood Shed - gbwbin-r.png
    gbminiskip.png Mini Mining Skip - Uncraftable
    - Only placed by v49r

    gbfence1.png Garden Marker - gbf1-r.png
    gbfence2.png Garden Gnome - gbf2-r.png
    gbfence3.png Basic Scarecrow - gbf3-r.png

    All craftable items are supported automatically.
    Here is an addon mod that will allow GB2 items to be bought with pixels (make TR function like Terramart)

    I kept count of how many crashes it took during the conversion to giraffe...
    -- to get first gardenbot up was 28 dead bots before he harvested, picked up and deposited
    -- to get lumberbot up.. 3 dead planets, and 15 dead bots... fixed the planets eventually, but quite shocking to kill an entire planet ;)

    GB2rc2 adds major modded plant compatibility
    - GB2rc4 has over 1000 compatible plants =D
    (please request plant mods that should be added in discussion thread, thx)
    Compact Crops v. 1.2 - 100% (no actual plants, but bot sees/uses the changed sizes)
    Frackin Universe v.Insane Chipmunk rc21 - 100%
    More Food Mod v. 2.1.1 - 100%
    Ram's Oreplants+ v. 11.0 - 100%
    Ram's Oreplants+ FU addon v.10.0 - 100%
    Avali Race v.1.4.2 - 100%
    BMB Reeds and Bamboo v.2.0 - 100%
    Industrialization 3 v.22 - 100%

    For unrecognized plants, will drop the seed and possibly some plantfibre. You will not lose your crop, just no advantage to using bot.

    porting of original 1.2.0 code to giraffe
    fix: bots obey gardenfences, but will pass through to get to their 'home'
    add: auto-tilling to v80 - still need to physically hoe at least 1 spot first
    add: auto surface mining to v81 - replaces block after mining
    add/fix: different logic for v86 - swimming, jumping, attacking
    add/fix: all farmable drops - trees would kill planets, dropnames used to be easily read ;/
    add: sounds! - not annoying per se .. but should find a way to toggle
    add: bots will 'kick' petballs >.>
    add: only players can kill a bot - anything else just makes it mad
    fix: lessen cpu lag spikes somewhat (needs more optimizing)
    ... and so much more :D

    known issues:
    some custom plants don't use the same format of treasurepool as vanilla seeds, so will not drop proper items in proper quantities -- mostly fixed GB2rc2
    one of the *query calls made by the gardenbots (from original code) spams starboud log with 'callScriptedEntity' errors, havent been able to track it down yet -- fixed GB2rc4

    Future Plans:
    - update to the new farm system when it hits stable (done GB2rc6)
    - pre-emptively update so transition to Pleased Giraffe is seamless (done GB2rc6)
    - tiers maybe, more hp/armor/speed so they can survive on harder planets with less cheating ;)
    - 'sliding' cooldown, if something fails repeatedly, try it less often .. less lag over time?
    - a way to read harvest treasurepool, or an easy way to update bot for modded plants
    -- just learned it is a feature in nightly, so sometime...
    -- added GB2rc2

    ** As I do not own the art assets, I can't give permission for modpack use or further distribution **
    *** I categorically deny any insinuation of theft - this was a labor of love to restore a 'lost' mod ***

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. gblineup.png
    2. gb_termart.png

Recent Reviews

  1. KuyaBatman
    nice mod but what are the garden markers for
  2. Lumpy109
    When you have a massive farm, sometimes the best kind of labor isn't hand-done, it's robo-hand-done. 10/10 Mod, added to my collection.
  3. Coupper
    muy buen trabajo la verdad, impresionante
  4. Curtiola
    Garden bots are amazing, especially for massive farms,
    & the v49r mining bots are perfect when going AFK for a little while. Great mod, makes the mundane tasks fly by!
  5. Ashtar084
    muito bom, antes eu achava que seria paia mas depois de usa-lo achei este mod incrível, obrigado :)
  6. zennixAL
    this is really helpful thanks for the mod
  7. jese951
    Help, I am shown and an error appears that says "the miner bot is disabled by the server", I do not understand much English (I speak Spanish) but I need help please
  8. Shock Sphere
    Shock Sphere
    ¡Excelente mod! ayudan bastante y son muy eficientes a la hora de facilitar trabajos tan aburridos como la recolección de recursos.
  9. lapkasuper
    Наконец могу осуществить мечту быть фермером. Однако при этом не сбивать ноги о грядки или пальцы о клавиши. Благодарю за прекрасную возможность!
  10. artguk
    Прекрасная модификация. Огромное спасибо =)