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Gardenbot 2.1 -- REBOOTED --

Robotic Farming ... IN SPACE! - Supports modded plants! - Cheerful 1.3.4

  1. Fall 2018 - "I'm not dead" update

    Shippers! Fixes! Tweaks!

    - Bots will now automatically trigger Terramart Shippers
    -- currently supports plain&modded vanilla, Infinity Express and Small Shippers

    - reduced CPU usage for grass/mine/water/till states
    -- halved the amout of blocks that get checked

    - Gardener efficiency tweaks
    -- new learning curve, new start %, colored % when holding alt

    - add some station docking field checking
    -- less likely to wander outside space station ;)

    - fix edge detection again
    -- really really...
  2. config file update

    just a small update

    add - 6 more ores from FU that v81 and v49 can mine
    add - avali aeroponic tubes should now be tillable
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  3. Extended GUI tab fix

    kinda late, i've been busy working on another mod

    fixes tab placement with Extended GUI
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  4. 1.3 update

    yes, i'm back :D

    - finally upload the Frogg NPC fix
    - adjust collision polys of bots a bit to comply with 1.3 ground movement mechanics
  5. 1.2 crashfix update

    whoops, CF changed a function :wut:

    major bugfix - Guardian bots were incompatible with rewritten 'parseArgs' function causing crashes and killing both bots and farm beasts
    bugfix - bots would aggro new 'assistant' npc type

    lots of other fixes and tweaks that i wrote in october and never uploaded or documented
  6. Fishing crashfix and tweaks

    fix for bots crashing near anyone fishing.. and lots more ;D

    lumberbots and minerbots dont drop through platforms unless they really need to
    update lumberbot swimming code to same as minerbot
    fix small Y distance calc error for swimming, helps lumber/miner jump out of liquids better
    fix v87 bugnet interaction - fully killable with net now
    fix v87 shooting at petball, now will properly 'kick' it -- all bots except miner now play with petballs
    fix v87 momentary shield flash when unshielded...
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  7. SB 1.1.1 update fix

    new weather effects broke all bots - fixed

    sorry about that :(

    value may not be right, blindly copied from a fluffalo
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  8. Mod Compatibility and Relocator tweaks

    small update, but potentially big changes ;)

    add - "tillableList" to config, external mods can add to what Gardeners will till - supports AzureFang's More Tillables mod
    add - fix for FU version of Craftable Seeds -[deprecated]- Craftable Seeds moved to a seperate Table, and removed tabs from Farm Table
    add - emotes when being Relocated and when gardeners uproot seeds
    remove - Q-Bert text when gardeners uproot - replaced by emote

    not sure if sfx when being relocated was in 2109 fix, if not...
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  9. Mod Compatibility

    just a fix for compatibility with other mods

    add - support for Craftable Seeds. condense crafting into 1 tab and move it to far right
    add - support for Extended GUI. changes the tabs Y offset to where they should be

    all changes were in interface json, no code was harmed in the making of this update ;)
  10. 1.1 Relocator support and other stuff

    1.1 update goodness :D

    add - bots can now be moved with the Relocator - gardeners retain efficiency
    change - crafting at farming tables is seperated into tabs for fences and bots
    change - bot crafting requirement reduced from upgraded farming table to just normal table
    change - rewrote tooltips for gardeners and guardian
    fix - harvesting plants on rightward sloping hills
    fix - miner block placement, finally fixes initial platform/skip placement at ground level

    happy harvesting :D
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