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Gardevan 1.3

A race heavily based on the two pokemon Gardevoir & Gallade.

  1. Now works with Mechs

    1.3 Update
    now works with Mechs
    new dress sprite, looks so much better when running and jumping
  2. 29 Armor Sets madness

    the armor all look like types of pokeballs so don't get too excited
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  3. Pokemon in Clothes

    added starting clothes
    4 new clothes 1 each member of the ralts line
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  4. Gardevan Now in 1.0

    it's now up to date (and i should be adding more to it soon)
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  5. 3 New Hairstyles (not much but it works)

    I should be doing more with this mod soon, but for now I'll just try to keep it updated.

    and a Big Thanks to Makein for showing me how to update my mod.
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  6. wow i'm dumb, Okay now it should work!!!!

    okay sorry about that everyone i should have tested the file i grabbed before i uploaded it.
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