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GEAR: Lost in space 5.3

A mashup side-story based on the Megaman and Starbound universes.

  1. dimitrius231
    starbound_2020-01-20_20-44-16.png starbound_2020-01-21_11-11-50.png starbound_2020-01-21_11-13-19.png This modpack is still in development and is in need of some help to grow. Contributions would gladly be accepted. If you wish to contribute to the development, Contact the Author via Steam (Username: vagita535 ; Profilename: Decrypter) or through his Discord public server: DataHub.

    The GEAR mod is based on a mashup of the Starbound and Megaman Universes and has set course to become a new experience and an additional side-story to the original Starbound story. The plot is based around astrological anomalies and constellations, with a touch of Megaman ZX's Biometal concept.

    Every Version will include both major and minor updates until V1.0 Hits the workshop.

    The Sprites used in this mod are modifications of some original Chucklefish sprites. (Change in the sprites will occur, though not as Frequently)

    Content and Instructions:

    Current Items added to the Mod:
    Craftable Items: Red Rider; Sagittarius; Damned Horseman ; Stardust Fragment.

    To begin crafting the items in the item tree, first you must gather Meteorite Rocks (1000 recommended)

    To craft Stardust fragments :
    Go to a refinery and place the above mentioned Meteorite Rocks inside. (100 Required for 20 Stardust Fragments)

    Red Rider Activator:
    Go to a Any kind of furnace (Recommended Atomic Furnace) and find Red Rider in your ingredients tab (bottle tab). Craft using 100 Stardust Fragments.

    Sagittarius Activator; Damned Horseman Activator:
    Use the instructions above.

    Usage of the Activators:
    Left click while holding them to receive a weapon and/or codex file respectively belonging to the said activator.

    Enjoy the current version!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. I'm SERIOUSLY SORRY I forgot this place.

Recent Reviews

  1. MerlinDHF
    Version: 0.03
    This is a pretty cool mod. Even though it doesn't have much content I still like it.
    Btw, for some reason I was only able to craft the Sagittarious regulary, I had to go into admin mode to get the other ones.