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Geyser for 17.06.16+ unstable 2016-07-16

Add a geyser that is wire-able

  1. Eldark
    v0.5 : working geyser with container or empty
    future: liquid in container will be spawned, optimize the object placed on ground,..

    - added .metadata , removed .modinfo
    - changed anchor point from background to bottom, fixed image position

    Add an geyser (and a little "test" hatch) to the game that is found in the wiringstation and are available with tier 1.

    When you put a itemstack of 5 in the container, it will spawn at activate 5 water (fluid! not item), when you put in a stack of 100 then it spawn... 100 ;)
    the item did not must be a liquid or a special item... it work with ropes, lava, diamonds,... atm not interesting which item is in it..
    without an item in the container it would spawn a standard of 30 "waters".

    when you build a hole with the spawner in and seal the hole with an hatch, you can "virtual" make a high pressure.. than open it and all will be flooded ;) don't forget a drain while testing

    later i would change the geyser that it would spawn the liquid in the container (5 water --> spawn 5 water.... 10 lava ---> spawn 10 lava ---> .... without anything it would spawn the 30 water)

    use it with timer or switch or pressure plate ... or with a motion sensor ;)

    when there are any bugĀ“s or other things please let me know it.
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