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[Glad Giraffe] Updated Longer Hunger & Thirst 0.4

A slightly updated, more informative, and longer version of the curent Hunger & Thirst mod

  1. Minor fix

    Carrot juice no longer causes crash
  2. Rebalance + more food items

    Fixed sleeping slowly recovering hunger and thirst to full - Now freezes levels

    Rebalanced all current foods from other Hunger mod - Requires more than eating 1 piece of corn to get to wellfed after long periods without eating lol

    Added a couple of more food items to the list - I'm up to crafting with titanium, but have yet to start making the more complex dishes.

    Adding in new food items will be a slow process for me, as I'm doing my playthroughs on Hardcore and have yet to fully...
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  3. [Glad Giraffe] Updated Longer Hunger & Thirst

    Rebalanced status symbols to more accurately depict the levels of hunger and thirst.

    Added a couple of produce items.