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Greckan Race Mod v1.2.5a (SB v1.3.3)

Adding A New Race Of Diplomatic Denizens To Your Universe!

  1. Clarification Update

    What's New:
    • Nothing. Quite literally nothing besides a couple file version changes.
    • Also serves to keep the file integrity the same as the Workshop version following the addition of Workshop categories.
    Other News:
    -This update served to update the mod information to state compatibility with 1.3.3 as well (For those who happened to question it for whatever reason).
  2. Hotfix

    What's New:
    • (I forgot a file in the previous update... Don't worry about it.)
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  3. Compatibility Update to 1.3.1

    What's New:
    • Updated captain's chair for new navigation script pane in SB 1.3.
    • Fixed and added mech animations for deployment and missions.
    • Corrected a couple syntax errors and dialog bugs.
  4. Bugfixes Amongst Other Issues

    Whats New:
    • Fixed a syntax error to the grumble dialog patch for tenant NPCs. (Special thanks to @Mooncalf99 for helping me and fixing the error in my downtime.)

    Other Notes:
    -My personal computer has since been rendered unusable due to a short in my power supply (Booo...); However, because that is the only issue, once I receive my parts and repair it, my files will be available to me once again and I can push my latest content update! (Yay.)
  5. The Final(?) Upgrade



    What's New:
    • Added the Tier 8 ship to the mod! (Read more below)

    • Fixed the problem where people could jump outside of the map at Da'at.
    • Finished furnishing and populating the most recent expansion in Da'at.
    • Woah, what happened to the mod page??
      • The mod page has received a long-overdue rehaul!...
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  6. Bugfix

    What's New:
    • Bugfix for a typo that broke the player ship when upgrading to T8.
    • Expanded on the Greckan capital city, Da'at.

    Other Notes:
    -In the expanded area of Da'at, there is a rail you can jump which will lead into the eternal abyss...
    (Not fixing because the next update tomorrow will. ;) )

    Until Tomorrow!
  7. Update for Starbound 1.2

    What's New:
    • Fixed files for the Fextal ship pet to compensate the removal of a script.
    • Fixed some typos in the names of a few furniture pieces.
    • More work on the Greckan city, Da'at. (Should fix a bug I found with the initial quest...)
    • More codex writing completed. (Not yet obtainable, but soon...)
    Other Notes:
    -Not a whole lot surface work in this update, Mostly an update for nightly version 1.2.
    -Some back-end work is being done for future planned content. I have...
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  8. Keep the Celebration Going

    What's New:
    • Completed the base for the Greckan capital Da'at as an explorable location! (See below)
    • Fixed crystal transparencies... AGAIN
    • Fixed name typo with the scholar clock.
    • Added two new NPC types unique to Da'at.
    • Changed guard weaponry to favor spear and shortwords more.
    • Largely completed every single patch for all basic objects in Starbound! (See below)
    • Starting now, this mod will always be run through image optimization before updates. (See below)
  9. Celebrating 1000 Downloads!

    What's New:
    • Changed and unified all Greckan crystal styles in char creation.
    • Revamped Greckan hairstyles. (Removed many, added new ones.) (May require a new character.)
    • Fixed a small recipe issue.
    • Internal work toward more unique weaponry.
    • Graphical fixes to the Greckan ship.
    • Added a new Greckan NPC to the Outpost.
    • New Greckan dungeon: Da'at. The Greckan homeworld. (More info to be released.) (Still being tested...)

    Other Notes:
    -Several other...
  10. Bug Fixes Galore

    What's New:
    • Not really anything "new" per say... Mostly just a named update for the massive series of bugfixes I've been doing.
    • This one should fix a strange error with Greckan merchant-type tenants. (Don't worry about it. Weird stuff is happening a lot lately...)
    • A big thanks out to @KTrinsic for being vigilant and helping me locate these errors!
    • Aaaand a small fix for the crystals not being transparent on the character. (Seems paint.net didn't save my...
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