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H.E.V Suit 2.1

Adds the H.E.V Suit from Half-Life to Starbound

  1. Bugfix

    Fixed a few very minor bugs.
  2. Updated for 1.0.2

    Updated for Starbound 1.0.2.
  3. Glad Giraffe

    Updated for Glad Giraffe. All items are now vanity items, and can be crafted at the anvil for one pixel.
  4. Updated for Enraged Koala

    Let me know if anything's broken.
  5. Bugfix

    Fixed a rather significant bug where you'd receive Perfectly Generic Items instead of, well, anything.
  6. Updated for Furious Koala

    Should now work with Starbound v. Furious Koala.
  7. Updated for Angry Koala

    Should now work with Starbound v. Angry Koala. Thanks a new modding feature, you won't have to edit your 'player.config' either. Just drag and drop!

    Also significantly reduced filesize - there were a bunch of .PSD files I forgot to remove before uploading. Whoops. They're gone now.