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Outdated Hair Accessoire color for Human and Apex 1.2B - Human + Apex

Bugfix: See your underware color. In your Hair!

  1. Furious Koala update

    Just the .modinfo
  2. Furious Koala Update - Human only

    No changes, just an update to the .modinfo
  3. Alternate Version, that adds Color for Apex hair

    This update adds a way to display colorizable hair accessoires for the apex race. The colors are directly linked to the fur color, in other words: every fur color has his own decoration color. The downside is that they are fixed and can't be mixed. See the color chart below.

    This "works" with standard hair, too. BUT none of the standard hair has an accessoire, so there is no visible change, unless you have a hairmod that adds apex hair deco.
    Both features, human undiecolor and apex...
  4. Compatibility update + Merging

    The mod merges now with every other mod that uses the new merging feature. Mods that don't have merging can still overwrite this one.

    Version info for Angry Koala added.