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Half-Life Mod 2.0.1

"Rise and shine, Mister Freeman."

  1. Quick Fix

    Just fixes a bunch of crafting recipies.
  2. Update, Finally!

    How long has it been since I updated this mod?
    5 months? Jeez.
    Sorry, I just have been busy and have had no motivation to work on this mod. Sorry about the insanely long wait, this update adds support for 1.0.
    Tell me if there are any bugs or any glitches with my mod so I can fix it up.
  3. Download Fixe

    Forgot to drag the damn folder into the .zip....
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  4. Balancing and 2 guns

    Gun recipies and damage have been balanced, Pleas tell me if they need more balancing. Also added the AR3 and the OICW. Its late at night and i need some sleep. sorry for the poor grammar. :nurusnooze:
  5. Gravity gun compatibility fix No.3

    Ok, Hopefully the final fix. What was happening was originally the Gravity Gun's name in the code was gravgun but this caused some compatibility issues and so it was changed to hlgravgun. However I forgot to delete the old gravgun assets and so that was fixed by update 2, However on the version of the mod I uploaded, the recipe still used the gravgun title not the hlgravgun which was causing some people to crash. Hopefully this fixes all your problems and If you have modified the code to...
  6. Gravity gun compatibility fix No.2

  7. Gravity gun compatibility fix

    Some people were experiencing some problems with the Gravity Gun so this should fix it.