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Halogen EPP 2016-08-20

Halogen Light EPP

  1. Halogen EPP

    Halogen EPP

    Lets you combine the Cooling EPP and the Halogen Pack into an all purpose Environmental Protection Pack with the warm glow of halogen.

    I was not a fan of the cold light produced by the xenon pack or any mod that combined it with the EPPs so I created the Halogen EPP. It can be crafted at a replicator and provides protection for all environments, allows for aguments, and dyes.

    Halogen EPP Comparison 2.png

    -[ Notes ]-

    Augments slotted in the EPP that are used to create this...
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  2. Halogen EPP

    Forgot the file that makes it available to craft. It should be in this new version of the mod.