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Hemp+ v0.14.2

Wanna grow your own weed farm? Now you can!

  1. Dank Poptop drops their joint.

    Dank Poptop now will drop a random joint, because it makes sense. In the future, might drop half-smoked joint.
  2. Stiff Joints

    Fixed the floppy frames of the Dank Poptop's joint. It looked like a maggot in game... ;~;
  3. Dank Poptop (aka "Pottop"), friendly floran dispensary worker.

    Welcome to the other half of the Pandemic, congratulations on making it. Sorry if you didn't, we all could've handled it better.

    Anyway, I present to you a small update, bringing you the hinted at "Pottop", the dankest Poptop. They're supposedly found in forests, but you can find one for sure by growing one yourself! You can purchase the egg at the Dispensary for almost nothing (EarlyBird Discount or something), but beware! They're pretty angry about being stuck back in an...
  4. Rolling Tray

    Adds a Rolling Tray where you can grind AND roll, for organization purposes.
  5. Plants Pack

    Added plants for all strains, as well as an Industrial Hemp plant that only drops Hemp Fibre.
  6. Stats prep/implementation, rarities

    Added a bunch of tiered stats, though everything still costs the same at the moment.
    Added Laziness stat- makes you a little slower
    Made all the strains have rarities based on their strengths
  7. (Minor) Name changes and recipe continuation

    hash -> hash_flakes (compatibility)
    added the recent strains to the table grinder, so you don't have to use the hand grinder (oops that should have been done when I added the item pack LOL)

    Side note: this update was going to be bigger, but it's like 11pm and I just woke up and figured I should post an update; Modded Minecraft's been taking up my time recently (playing, not making mods lol)

    Next update might be adding Dew of the Mountain- liquid that regens energy, and can be used similar...
  8. (Minor) Novakid Plant Descriptions

    Added in placeholder descriptions for placeholder plants for the Novakid.
  9. Minor stat balance fix

    The Munchies now changes hunger rate to 3x instead of 5x
    Healing perks now last longer and heal more- can't quite out-heal being on fire, though.
  10. Item Pack 2

    Blueberry Yum-Yum
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Alaskan Thunderf***

    Changed (nearly) all the item descriptions and names, color-coded because why not (tell me in Discussions if you want me to make the descriptions or names white again)

    I'll make a portable crafting table at some point, like a Rolling Tray- so your hand-crafting isn't clogged up. Said rolling tray would let you fill a handheld grinder, and also roll. Thoughts?
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