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Hostile Universe v1.0.7

Want almost every planet to try and kill you? Well, you're in luck!

  1. Garden Hotfix

    • Nutmidge and Poptop no longer spawn naturally on garden planets again, this was an accident and I only meant to enable the Gleap again
  2. Gleap Spawning Changes

    • Gleap now spawn on Garden planets again, but will be passive until hit (they will also no longer spawn in Deserts, Savannahs, Forests, or Jungles - because that's how vanilla has it)
  3. New Gleap Spawn Locations

    • Gleaps now have a chance to spawn in Forest, Desert, Savannah, and Jungle biomes
  4. Erchius Poison Debuff Added

    • Erchius Poison debuff is now also a part of Hostile Universe (The newer nerfed version for anyone worried)
  5. Small Monsters and Vanilla Monster Spawn Pool Changes

    • Changed all monsters that spawn on (newly-generated) garden planets to be small
    • Changed default spawn pools slightly for more variety in sizing of monsters on other planets
  6. Radiomessage Tweaks

    • Removed the script edit for the starting quest so it does not conflict with FU. However, now when you pick up the regular flashlight it will display the warning. This will only happen once.
  7. Fixes and Tweaks

    • Upped the power of ranged unique monster attacks like it was near the division of Intergalactic Wilds