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Hover Wheelchair 1.3.0 for Starbound 1.3

Ride around in a classy hover wheelchair just like Esther!

  1. Fix for Zero-Gravity Environments

    - Added a few extra properties so that the Hover Wheelchair behaves properly in zero-gravity environments.
  2. 1.2.3 - Trust me it actually works this time.

    Modding is hard, but here you go. It's fully working, and that's definitely a fact now. Sorry. Please update.

    If you lost your controller spawn it in with /admin /spawnitem hoverwheelchaircontroller
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  3. 1.2.1 Actual Passenger Fix

    - My bad, its now fixed for real :)

    [Broken - update to 1.2.3 or above]
  4. 1.2 - Passenger Seat fix and Pimp my Ride compatibility

    - No more weird passenger seat.
    - Made a few changes to be compatible with Pimp my Ride!

    [Broken - update to 1.2.3 or above]
  5. Updated Thruster Animations

    The thrusters are now the ones used on the original wheelchair. Credit to AcidChalk for this update.