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Hull Plating Blocks - Additions 1.0.5 Silt Locker Fix

Bug fixes and additions for the revived Hull Plating Blocks mod

  1. Fine Sand Storage Locker is now called Loose Silt Storage Locker

    I changed the name of the old Fine Sand Storage Locker to Loose Silt Storage Locker, since the underlying block's name changed.
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  2. Small Patch to Change a Storage Locker Name

    This update changes the name of the Steel Block Storage Locker to Tungsten Block Locker, due to the change in name of the block it's made from.
  3. Rcipes Fixes

    While playing, I noticed a number of storage locker recipes still required excessively large numbers of items. The Tilled Storage Locker, for example, required six Hoes.

    I fixed the ones I found today.
  4. Small Item Name Fix

    This update patches the vanilla Novakid Storage Locker and Novakid Ship Door to be named more consistently, compared to the colored variants added by the mod. This changes the short description only, so it shouldn't break anything.
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  5. Chain Link Fence Fix

    This changes the Chain Link Fence recipe to use Tungsten instead of Iron, to match all other steel blocks.