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Hunger & Thirst 1.5

Adds hunger and thirst mechanics

  1. Unofficial Glad Giraffe patch

    Image Not Available
    Patch provided by Durlock, fixes some of the issues with Glad Giraffe

    This patch should make the mod function with Glad Giraffe, however newly added food items...
  2. More fixes

    Image Not Available
    A bunch more foods weren't working and have been fixed. Thanks to greenRAM for finding the faulty files.
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  3. Falldamage hotfix

    Image Not Available
    Hotfix for the non-functional fall damage. A line of code that wasn't supposed to exist broke it and has now been removed.
  4. Bugfixes

    Image Not Available
    - Most of the craftable drinks were broken and didn't provide proper increase to hydration. This is fixed now.
    - By suggestion, hunger and thirst stay static when resting in a bed (more specifically, whenever the "nude" status effect is applied to the player)
    - Mod no longer a modpack to make it easier for other mod authors to make compatibility patches and the like (make sure you delete the old version from your mods folder)
  5. Minor oversight

    Image Not Available
    Fixed a minor oversight that meant you wouldn't get the hungry/thirsty status effects when hunger/thirst was at 0.