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Hungry Hungry Tonauac! 1.0.1

A better way to pray!

  1. ThreeTen22
    (a reupload of my steam mod)

    This mod was created out of a desire to get the benefits from high-tiered food you are able to create late-game, without feeling bound to them due to said benefits.

    With this mechanic change, you still need an adequate farm to produce high-tiered food, but due to the nature of food durations overwriting each other, you are then forced to think more strategically about what you put into your mouth. This opens up a much broader amount of food choices late-game that was previously ignored due to their irrelevancy.

    Hungry, Hungry Tonauac

    Tonauac is a devout believer,
    Tonauac understands the notion that Kluex is a god that values equivalent exchange.
    Tanauac also loooooooves food.
    Give Tonauac 1 parcel of food, get the benefits from that food.
    Give Tonauac 9 parcels of the same food, get the benefits of that food that lasts 9x as long.

    How it works:
    1. Go visit Tonauac at the outpost
    2. Place the food you want to donate to Kluex inside of the Small Container right behind Tonauac
    3. Talk to Tonauac to receive his vanilla blessing + all effects from the given food with a cumulative duration for each effect
    4. All provided items inside of the donation container are consumed (So for your sake, don't place anything you aren't willing to lose into the container).

    In mathematical terms:
    Eating 1 banana split gives you
    • 428 seconds of run boost
    • 428 seconds of % max energy boost

    Giving tonauac 9 banana splits gives you a bonus of:
    • 428*9 = 3852 seconds of run boost
    • 428*9 = 3852 seconds of % max energy boost
    (approx. same duration as Tonauac's vanilla blessings)

    tldr: hunting can be relevant again!

    Since this script only runs from the outpost (a single-player instance), this mod is 100% vanilla server friendly and can be uninstalled at any time

    Q: Is this compatible with Food Stack?
    This is compatible with Food Stack, but I do not calculate more than 24hrs worth of benefits from the provided food, so only give Tonauac 24hrs worth of food, else he will greedily consume the rest.

    Q: Does this mod work with [insert food name here] food?
    This will work with all modded and vanilla food. Active effects on the player characters that are provided by food may be limited to the universe the character is in. That is, suddenly xfering a modded character to a vanilla server may have any non-vanilla food effects removed. This is due to non-vanilla food benefits trying to work with a vanilla server, and has nothing to do with this mod.

    Q: Does this make stronger food buffs?
    No. This only increases the duration of each buff. Think of it like this. Imagine how much time a buff from a piece of food will last if you continually ate 1-9 stacks of it (or more if using Food Stack). This takes that accumulated amount of time, and applies it from the very beginning, consuming all the food required to make it happen. The only "buff" one could argue is that this mod frees the player to eat other foods without losing the benefit of the top tiered food.

    Q: I donated X food that gave me XYZ buffs, but then I ate X food and now my XYZ durations were lost?
    This is vanilla behavior, and what allows this mod to work so well. Since the high-tiered food is dedicated to donations, you are now pressured to diversify your food stock. This allows all of the hunting / lower tiered food to become relevant again for the sake of keeping your hunger at bay.

    Let me know of any bugs and/or problems that may arise,

    Step 1: Add food into the container

    Step 2: talk to tonauac
    Thats it!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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