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Hunter Crewmembers 2016-08-16

Adds a new class of crewmates: Hunters!

  1. Ulithium_Dragon

    [Note]: The incompatibility issues with Frackin Universe have been fixed! Hurray!

    This mod adds a new class of crewmember: Hunters!

    Hunters use bows and hunting daggers, both of which will cause creatures they kill to drop meat and other items at a much higher rate (same as with bows used by the player).

    *Their bow uses the Compound Bow sprite, and the Hunting Dagger they wield is just something I threw together in a few minutes - I started with some of the vanilla assets and just tweaked and edited them until I got the look I wanted.

    They will also give you a passive energy regeneration buff while you're on your ship. This is similar to the health regeneration buff offered by medics, and is near-instantaneous regeneration.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with <custom race mod>?
    A: This is a new class type, and as such it will be fully compatible with any race without any patches needed. You can see from the screenshots above that I am using it with the Avali race without issue.

    Q: Why don't they give a limited energy regeneration buff when you leave the ship with them like the chemists do?
    A: I tried this, but for some bizarre reason it caused them to constantly die and respawn (teleport back in) whenever they tried to attack while colliding with the player. Until/if I figure out WTF is wrong and how to fix it, I have that buff disabled. :[

    Q: The Hylotl are all vegetarians - can they still be hunters?
    A: Yes... This did occur to me, but there's no way to exclude a race from a crewmember class. I actually wrote in their flavor text for the class a line about them "foraging", not hunting prey, but I don't really understand how those lines get used, so you may not see it.

    Q: Is it safe to uninstall this mod?
    A: It's never a good idea to uninstall mods. I don't know enough about the crewmember framework to say for sure what would happen.
    If you really want to uninstall this mod, at the very least make sure you dismiss all the Hunters from your crew first, as well as find a way to get rid of any unrecruited Hunters you have in various places in the world (lava works for killing them, or you can just recruit and dismiss them). I still don't recommend uninstalling this mod, and I won't support or be held responsible for any damages this may (or may not) incur.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with "Formidable Crewmembers"?
    A: Since that mod edits base data used by all crewmember classes, yes it is fully compatible - hunters will gain the same health, resistance, and damage buffs that the rest of the classes do from that mod.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with "Earth's Finest - Crew Improvements"?
    A: Again yes - it doesn't edit any of the other crew types in any way, and any mod that alters the base template files for crewmembers will affect this mod. I actually forwarded some of the changes that mod makes to this mod as well, such as the limited immunity after being struck, and the run speed boost (since I use that mod).

    Q: Is this mod compatible with <crew size increase mod> or <active crew size increase mod>?
    A: Yes, completely compatible with all of them.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with...
    A: Ok, ok - this mod is just gonna be compatible with ANY mod that edits crewmembers since it does not edit any of the same files. I cannot actually think of a situation were this mod wouldn't be compatible with a crewmember overhaul mod lol.

    Q: What about mods that add functionality to the crewmember system?
    A: Those will need patches made in post cases. I already have one pre-made for the "Job Offers" mod that I am releasing at the same time as this mod. If other need to be made, I will consider doing so, or other people can make patches if they want.

    Q: Will you change/add <thing> to this mod?
    A: Probably not. Unless there are legitimate issues, I consider this mod "finished" until I decide it's not. :]

    Q: Can you make <x mod>?
    A: I don't take requests really. I mean unless it's an idea that I like enough to feel motivated to do it.

    List of Compatibility Patches:
    Job Offers Patch:
    Steam Workshop version:

    Known Issues:
    None at the moment. Well apart from not being able to get the off the ship energy regeneration buff to work, but it's disabled at the moment so it's more like a lack of a feature than an issue.

    - Initial release.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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