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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. EclipticWulf

    Introducing, the revival of Hunting+
    A mod I made back in early access that only really added new huntng knives and armor, and now, revived once again to just that plus a new skinning mechanic.

    All Hunting+ Wildfire content that was in Intergalactic Wilds is now part of Hunting+ Wildfire (not including mini bosses, new monsters, etc); this is because Intergalactic Wilds is no longer a singular mod and has been split into several different parts for each feature (to make everything more customizable for the player); see the new collection version of all the mods and its description for more information here: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/intergalactic-wilds.5096/

    Base Mod Features:
    • 7 Tiers (1-6 & 8 - as opposed to just 1-6 [Not including Protectorate Broadsword])
    • 6 New Codices (Codexes)
    • 5 New (craftable) pets
    • 100+ New/Patched weapons
    • 4 New/Patched throwables
    • 1 New tool
    • 8 New shields
    • 50 New/Patched armor pieces
    • 2 New costume pieces
    • 1 New back item
    • 1 New augment (Lava Immunity)
    • 7 New/Patched food items
    • 9 New/Patched healing items
    • 28 New/Patched crafting items [Including the removed/unused Pelt, Cell Materia, Cell Matter, and Monster Plating]
    • 3 Patched Blocks
    • 4 New objects (5 patched/edited)
    • The ability to capture critters and display them in cages
    • A critter collection to complete
    • A Critter Skinning mechanic
    • Several treasure pool overhauls
    • 1 New endgame quest
    • 1 New endgame mission (featuring a 2 stage boss fight and 29 new radio messages)

    The mod itself is heavily codex-based/oriented storytelling. So let me introduce you to the author of the codices you will come across - Brigadier Bluejay!
    Art by Murcieligroso |Instagram|Tumblr|
    In the codices you will find information from the basics (also covered below) to all the new drop-rates/dropped-items of unique monsters to some extra fan-lore! These can be crafted at the Inventor's Table. All races will start with the first codex in their ship storage (on new characters) - old characters can buy the first codex at the Inventor's Table for relatively cheap.

    Below you will find the mod expanded on much more than the list above (Obviously there will be spoilers - but this mod is geared towards a lot of self-discovery and experimenting, don't be afraid to dive into the mod without spoiling it for yourself!)

    Starting simple, the Hunting Knife is back! The tiering goes: Makeshift (Wood/Plant Fibre), Iron, Tungsten, Titanium, Durasteel, Violium, and Solarium

    Bows are now fully tiered! The tiering goes: Makeshift (the basic bow you all know), Iron, Tungsten, Titanium (Composite), Durasteel (Compound), Aegisalt (Replaces the vanilla one with a more basic bow), and Solarium (with the change to the Aegisalt Bow, the Solarium Bow will now do the same attacks/effects as the vanilla aegisalt bow)

    Along with the hunting knives and bows, you can also craft hunting spears, which all have the same secondary up to tier 6 (Solarium)

    There are also several other hunting weapons, but not all races can craft them, but you'll have to find out which special weapons which races have (most are exclusive to mod races)!

    And since 'magic' isn't easily placed in the theme of the mod, you can now instead craft special, powerful pets starting at tier 2 and going to tier 6.

    Next are the armor tiers (You have a chance to get the corresponding item if you kill a monster of the same tier/level - every tier will also have a chance to drop meat of some kind.

    You can also collect critters by capturing them with bug nets - then display them wherever you'd like! You can also complete a full collection of them.

    Critter skinning is also now an extra "mechanic" of sorts. Just kill a critter with a "Basic Skinning Knife" and they will potentially drop useful materials!

    Mod Compatibility
    • This version will only be roughly compatible with Frackin' Universe at the time. Either way, if you want FU monsters to drop loot properly, you will need the patch below.
    Known Incompabilities
    • It's mostly compatible with 'Supper's Monster Additions', the only thing is you will be unable to craft the mod's pets.

    Frackin' Universe: Main Mod | Addon Download
    You need this and Frackin' Universe installed

    Installation Instructions:
    • Before installing MAKE SURE TO BACK UP ALL WORLDS - this is because with the addition of changing some spawn pools for biomes, it will still try and spawn monsters (such as Hostile Critters and Mini Bosses) which will likely warp the character back to the ship and make the world inaccessible ONCE THE MOD IS UNINSTALLED.
    Uninstallation Instuctions:
    • Take off ALL new armors and step out of any traps you may be in before uninstalling
    • If you have the Lava Immunity Augment inserted into your EPP, override it or take off the EPP
    • No other problems should occur - if they do, please tell me immediately

    Final Words:
    • I do ask that you try to avoid spoiling as much of the mod as possible for other/future players - nothing against it really, but the mod will be much more enjoyable if they can discover things on their own, especially all the redacted information in the above list.
    • If you have any suggestions, throw them my way! I love to hear feedback - especially things players would like to see!
    • All reports/complaints of errors/crashes/compatibility-issues will be impossible for me to address UNLESS a pastebin of your log file is given (after the error/crash) OR if you provide distinct details. If you do not know where to find the log, the steps are below.
    • Recreate the error (if the log is not from directly after the error/crash
    • Right-click 'Starbound' in Steam
    • Click 'Properties'
    • Click 'Local Files'
    • Click 'Browse Local Files' (for other versions of Starbound, such as GOG, you will need to find the source location)
    • Enter the 'Storage' folder
    • Open [this 'starbound.log'](http://i.imgur.com/ndd26Xa.png) file (the one with the text file icon, not the blanks)
    • Put the entire contents onto http://pastebin.com
    • Post a link to your pastebin

    Other Areas of Credit:
    • 'More Critters N Scenery' for the Bluejay critter (Added under the "Mod Assets Permission" being "Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.")
    • 'Mod Servidore GEOZAP' for showing me how to make craftable custom pets (discussed on Reddit)
    • 'Pandora's Box' for the custom collections library activeitem (talked with ManicRykker on Discord)
    • User "Hiran" for trying to improve trapping as well as teaching me more about LUA
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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  2. Hunting Spear Fix
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Recent Reviews

  1. desafinado56
    Version: v2.3.1
    I never paied much attention to this mod and god damn it do i wish i had downloaded this sooner
  2. Predilecta
    Version: v2.2.2
    This mod has been surprising me so far, I'm still exploring it! I really like mods that put this theme of science.
  3. PolloMan8
    Version: v2.0.15
    Very nice :D
  4. sxvi_72
    Version: v2.0.15
    Is compativle whit penguin piracy and pandora box?
  5. Seluvia
    Version: v2.0.8
    This mod is great, but it shows some incompatibility with the mod pandora box. Any way to fix this?
  6. greenRAM
    Version: v1.2.9
    Adds a lot to the game. None of it feels out of place or unbalanced. So far, I've really enjoyed the new hunting elements introduced here.
  7. UrneyTheUrn
    Version: v1.2.8.2
    I like all the new weapons and items, good job!
  8. OgreArmor
    Version: v1.2.3
    Definitely improves one of the game's most neglected areas and makes playing as a hunter much more enjoyable. Loving everything so far!