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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Removed trapping (And related content), Treasure pool changes, Power boosting tier 5-6 pants

    • Removed trapping as a core mechanic and item drop rates have been adjusted - all you need to do is use hunting weapons now. Trapping may come back as just a side thing later.
    • Generated flying monsters now drop the same stuff as Bipeds and Quadrupeds when killed with a hunting weapon
    • Miscellaneous other treasure pool changes
    • Revamped how treasure pools work (Now if you kill a level 4 monster, you'll get level 4 loot, no matter what tier hunting weapon you use - and the same for any level of monsters up to level 6 [Anything over that will default to 6, even if it's 100 - just mentioning that if you have any mods that add monsters/planets/biomes over that level]); Also, no more getting Tier 6+ materials from Garden planet slaughtering!
    • Throwable Hunting Spears and Trapping Pouches will no longer be used or obtainable, I may bring them back in the future (For now, sell them before I permanently remove them in a few updates)
      • Following that, Platinum Ore/Bars will no longer be obtainable, and Ursa Miner will be back to how it listed it's items in vanilla (tl;dr Ursa Miner is now unedited)
      • Platinum and the Ursa Miner changes will return in Atomworks, as well as be used for Atomworks/Intergalactic Wilds combination/bonus content (Such as Platinum Hunting Knives)
    • Violium/Solarium Flesh Pants will now give you a strength increase (So now you will need to choose between [No Fall Damage]/[Passive Healing] for [Oculemon]/[Flesh] chest pieces, and [Jump/Speed Increase]/[Power Increase] for [Oculemon]/[Flesh] pants)
    FU Addon
    • Updated to reflect the new system
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