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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Upgradeable Bug Net, Capture Cannon tweaks, Change to endgame crafting items

    • Made the bug net upgradeable to deal more damage and have a new look (This is primarily for catching hostile critters if Hostile Universe is installed)
    • Newly-crafted capture cannons have much much less inaccuracy and no longer pierce (so the cannon ball now explodes upon impact with an enemy unlike before)
    • Removed the conversion recipe from the old Capture Cannon to the new one
    • Ancient Power Cells will no longer be used and are replaced by Ancient Batteries in recipes -...
  2. Bramble Trap Returns and Fixes

    • Added Bramble Trap back (all it does is slow monsters immensely inside it now, so don't worry about the lowering defense feature awhile ago coming back) - More traps will come eventually
    • Deleted old content I said I would eventually (Minus the Bramble Trap and Hunting Pouches)
    • Removed prerequisite to the new endgame quest
    • Removed my changes to the codex GUI and revamped the codices (Now they have more pages in total because the area to write things out is smaller)
  3. Glowing Fish Critter Fix

    • Fixed Glowing Fish booting you back to your ship when attempting to capture
  4. Critter Fiex

    • Fixed Dark Three Eyes critter crashing the game when being captured
    • Added patch to the Balloon critter that was missing making it uncaptureable and unskinnable
  5. Fixes and Tweaks

    • Fixed some broken projectiles
    • Changed the Tier 6 Pistol and Revolver sounds back to what the other's have
    • Fixed inability to craft mythical pets
    • Removed the prerequisite of destroying The Ruin in order to start the new endgame mission (Mostly to avoid confusion)
    • Several endgame mission tweaks
  6. Scythe Fix

    • I broke the scythe, so I fixed it - don't worry about installing this update unless you had the event Scythe
  7. Magma Worm Fix

    • Capture Pods and related items/objects have been reverted back to their vanilla visuals and recipes
    • Fixed Magma Worm critter capture causing an error and booting you back to your ship
  8. Fixes, Tweaks, and Other Changes

    • Changed recipes to reflect vanilla crafting material amounts better
    • Changed Glow Coral Grappling Hook recipe slightly
    • Changed the Capture Cannon into a custom item (This means that when crafted it will stay even when the mod is uninstalled - the major issue with it right now is it supplies an unlimited amount of capture pods, but this can't be fixed for now. If you have the old capture cannon, you can convert it to the new one at the Inventor's Table or Replicator Addons -...
  9. Vanilla Spawn Pool Changes Removal

    • Removed changes to default spawn pools leftover from IW
  10. Radiomessage Tweaks

    • Removed a radio message
    • Renamed a radio message
    • Fixed the starting codex to only play 1 radio message