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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Fixes and Tweaks

    • Removed leftover monster power increases from Intergalactic Wilds
    • Removed removed status effect from Moontant's Goop attack so the game should no longer bug out and make you invincible (or moreso break everything) when it hits you
    • Changed power boost on affected costume items
      • Hunter's Knife, Back Spear, and Quiver has had their power boost changed to 120% (from 100%)
      • Predatory Back, Head, Chest, and Pants has had their power boost changed to 140%...
  2. Potential Error Fixing Tweaks

    • Users have reported an error with the Erchius Mining Facility as well as with monster capturing, this update gets rid of a very small monster.lua tweak that may be the cause of the capturing issue and adds back the erchiuspoison status effect in case that is the problem
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  3. Moon Monster and FU Script Change fixes

    • Fixed conflict with Moon Monsters
    • Removed the now unused gate repair quest LUA I forgot to remove after splitting Hostile Universe off from IW (And it is NOT instead in Hostile Universe because if you download the mod the information the radiomessage would otherwise say is already right there before installation)
  4. Minor Fixes to Main Mod and FU Addon

    • Minor fix for future mod-crossover content.

    FU Addon
    • Fixed FU Spider critter
  5. Removed Smelting Requirements

    • Forgot to remove the coal/core fragment requirement for smelting when I converted the mod over from Intergalactic Wilds, that's fixed now
  6. Intergalactic Wilds Split (Inherited Content), Hive Bomb Tweak

    • All Hunting+ Wildfire content that was in Intergalactic Wilds is now part of Hunting+ Wildfire (not including mini bosses, new monsters, etc); this is because Intergalactic Wilds is no longer a singular mod and has been split into several different parts for each feature (to make everything more customizable for the player); see the new collection version of all the mods and its description for more information here:...
  7. Fixes

    • Fixed Tier 6 pants not showing up in the recipe list
    • Fixed lack of Glow Coral Grapple Hook recipe
    • Fixed lack of Hive Bomb recipe
    • Fully added the tier 6 Hive Bomb and Hive Larva
  8. Removed trapping (And related content), Treasure pool changes, Power boosting tier 5-6 pants

    • Removed trapping as a core mechanic and item drop rates have been adjusted - all you need to do is use hunting weapons now. Trapping may come back as just a side thing later.
    • Generated flying monsters now drop the same stuff as Bipeds and Quadrupeds when killed with a hunting weapon
    • Miscellaneous other treasure pool changes
    • Revamped how treasure pools work (Now if you kill a level 4 monster, you'll get level 4 loot, no matter what tier hunting weapon you use - and the same...
  9. Temporary Change to Traps, Energy Weapon Sounds, Mini Boss + Farm Animal Removal, Misc Fixes

    • Traps will now only slow monsters almost completely (This is temporary as the trapping system needs some revision)
    • Following the above point, regular hunting weapons will now yield drops as normal just with a 10% chance to drop nothing (or event materials) (This is also temporary)
    • Fixed lack of sound when swinging spears
    • Changed the sounds of the Tier 5 and Tier 6 Hunting Knives/Hunting Spears to be like the Violium Broadsword
    • Moved the mod-specific No Fall Damage...
  10. No Fall Damage Fix

    • Changed No Fall Damage status effect on affected armor to the vanilla one to get rid of the error it always causes, at the expense of making a few more particles appear around you. (The old status effect is still in the mod, so this change won't end up breaking any characters)