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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Throwing Spear Recipe Change

    • Made throwing spear recipes a 1 : 1 basis (This will cost more wood and rope, but will be easier to craft altogether)
    • Removed any mention of increased targetting time, this feature is now only in Intergalactic Wilds
  2. Purposeful Crash If You Have Both This and Intergalactic Wilds Installed

    • Made it so you are now COMPLETELY UNABLE to use Hunting+ Wildfire with Intergalactic Wilds installed (As clearly warned about in the description)
  3. Fleeing Wild Farm Animals and Bug Fixes

    • Cooked Ham and Cooked Rib Meat now heal you for the same amount as Living Root Salve
    • Made Mythical Pet: Dire Wolf craftable on the tier 1 anvil like it should have been
    • Increased Mythical Pet health
    • Reduced Living Root cost for crafting Mythical pets
    • Wild Farm Animals will now attempt to flee when attacked
    • Wild Elemental Fluffalo are now a little more dangerous to get close to
    • Upped chance for wild elemental fluffalos to drop their elemental item
    • Fixed...
  4. Healing Ham and Ribs, Capture Cannon, and Misc Fixes

    • Cooked Ham and Cooked Rib Meat now heal you when consumed (the same amount as a bandage - and you can't stack it with other healing items)
    • Added a "capture cannon" (Deals damage as a primary, captures weakened monsters with the secondary)
    • Fixed armor with augment slots issues (ChuckleFish must have changed the augment item desciption call in 1.3.3)
    • Fixed unlocking the "perfectly generic item" after crafting the Solarium Hunting Knife
  5. Minor Tweaks and FU Compatibility Patch

    • Minor tweaks
    • FU compatibility patch released - all this does is make it so you can get the proper hunted drops from non-vanilla monsters. You can find it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/96ssxwfyr6m89gf/HuntingPlus_Wildfire_-_FU_Addon_v1.0.0.zip
      • Please note that the link above is the first release. For the newest releases of the patch (if any), see the bottom of the post for a link to that version
      • Also please report ANY issues you face with this patch...
  6. Fixes and Tweaks

    • Visual adjustments to muzzle flashes
    • Fixed pets not being craftable (that's a huge thing I should have noticed sooner)
    • Fixed crash due to a recipe causing "No such item as throwingspear2" (This was a huge issue I missed, PLEASE report any issues you come across)
  7. Halloween event discontinued, Hunting+ Wildfire is splitting into two mods

    • Fixed glow coral grapple hook not unlocking correctly after crafting a manipulator addon
    • Fixed tier 6 melee poison effect not yielding the correct drops when it kills a monster
    • Hunting+ Wildfire has been officially separated to a different mod while this one gets renamed 'Intergalactic Wilds'. This version:
      • Will not receive any holiday events
      • Will not receive any irrelevant updates (as it will stay part of this mod - any updates to Hunting+ Wildfire will be...
  8. Some Changes

    • Made Hunting Rifles craftable by all races again
    • Graphical tweaks to Unicorn and Nightmare
    • I never rebalanced the Avali and Draconis exclusive hunting knives when I first did the rebalancing, so now that is done
    • Load order changes (should no longer overwrite any other mods, such as monster changing mods) - let me know if any issues arise from this
  9. Tungsten Texture Changes

    • Changed Tungsten weapons slightly (that looked too similar to Iron weapons)
  10. Event fixes 2

    • Halloween Event
      • Fixed Hell's Crossbow recipe not being viewable without /admin
      • Fixed Jack's Soul Sucker Staff not having a recipe at all
    (I'm not having a good night)