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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Event fixes

    • Halloween Event
      • Fixed no recipe for the pumpkin mask
      • Traps (and trapping damage) now yield souls (instead of any chances at being empty)
      • Added "Jack's Soul Sucker Staff" that acts as both a pull zone and a swarmer (sucking in enemies as well as dealing damage)
  2. Misc Changes and a Halloween Event

    • Removed knockback from hunting knives
    • 'Removed' Makeshift Hunting (throwable) Spear (As in it was a patch to the base throwable, which I now replaced with the 'Copper' one, and deleted the original Copper spear - if you're confused don't worry about it)
    • Replaced Core Fragments appearing in abandoned mineshaft chests with Coal, so now you need to hunt the Mother Poptop (or mine for it)
    • Other minor spawn pool changes
    • Reduced chance of getting nothing when killing a...
  3. Wild Mooshi Frames Fix

    • Fixed Wild Mooshi frames
  4. Hunger-Reducing Status Effect Removed, Monster Fixes, Altered Version Number

    • Famine (Hunger Reducing status effect) has been removed from monsters - partly due to the errors it was constantly producing and partly due to some non-immediate mod complications. I may bring it back later but I am unsure.
    • Version number adjusted (not that it matters) - I felt increasing the second digit to 3 just for finishing the second half of the trapping update didn't seem right, so I brought it back down to 2 and made the third number just go up twice.
    • Fixed moon...
  5. Collection UI Overhaul

    • Overhauled the collection UI to that of the "Custom Collections UI" - Frackin' Universe also does this, so it will likely override it - this can be avoided with the compatibility patch I am finalizing. As for other mods that add collections, I am not sure of the effects, but likely they are similar
  6. Critter Collection Fix

    • Fixed critter collection and made it a .patch file to be semi-compatible with other mods
  7. Trapping Update Part 2

    • Made unique monsters have a 50% empty drop rate if hunted with a weapon
    • Removed NPC weapon patches that inflicted vulnerability
    • Added "new" monsters to alien, flesh, and eye biomes
  8. Yet another patch for the same thing - HOPEFULLY the final one for it

    • Three times/patches the charm? I hope so.
  9. Hopefully it's fixed now

    • I wasn't able to test the last update out so didn't see the very immediate error from how I changed the spawns. So I hopefully fixed everything with the spawning now.
  10. Midnight Biome Hotfix

    • Midnight planets should be fixed, there was a spawn pool implemented incorrectly