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ILikeCheating - The ultimate multiplayer-friendly building tool (outdated) 1.20

Also, you can place grass and ores. :)

  1. Narks
    I have good news, and bad news.

    Due to repeated and flagrant copyright infringement of ILC and other assets, I am no longer going to update ILikeCheating.

    But don't worry! I'll be making ILikeCheating2 - which will be much more powerful than the original ILikeCheatinng. It will be similar to ILikeCheating - being a client-side spawning tool and building aid, but it will be orientated towards more technical users. It will be very different, you'll see - but if you liked ILC, you'll probably like ILC2.

    Ever since I created ILikeCheating, I said people could get permission to modify and redistribute it if they met these two simple criteria:
    - They informed me first.
    - They included a copy of these criteria in their distribution.
    None of the many people who have modified and redistributed ILC have met either of these criteria.
    While I thank the relevant authorative people who have removed illegal redistributions of ILC when requested, a particular community has refused to remove content stolen from various content creators and have even mocked them, saying that "Starbound is only a game".

    Thanks to them, I am retiring ILikeCheating, so that I can release ILikeCheating2. ILikeCheating2 will be released under a different permission set where modification and distribution is strictly prohibited (that's why it needs to be a different mod), and I will take every legal and technical measure available to prevent that certain particular community from using my new content (some of which will not allow ILC2 to be distributed on Chucklefish's mod database).

    You can still use old versions of ILC (I don't guarantee if the download links work), and you can modify and distribute ILC if you follow the criteria listed.

    ILikeCheating v1.20
    The ultimate multiplayer-friendly building tool

    For Upbeat Giraffe, Update 2, Protocol 668


    This mod, once installed, will modify the SAIL AI. To uninstall this mod, you will need to delete your character's .metadata file (found in your player folder), which will reset your quests.


    This mod takes over the Toymaker's Table, Heart Forge and Yarn Spinner crafting tables to bring you the ability to craft any item in the game, as well as act as a building aid, adding liquids, colored objects enhanced excavation and increased object placement range. ILikeCheating was designed to be 100% compatible with vanilla multiplayer servers - meaning you can install this mod, then join a server that does not have the mod installed, and every feature will work without causing errors on the server-side.


    - Holiday table (ILikeCheating Objects) - crafts all objects
    - Heart forge (ILikeCheating Colors) - craft colored variants of objects
    - Yarn spinner (ILikeCheating Items) - craft all items, liquids, and special items

    - Unlock all tech at your AI station
    - Enable your ship FTL and teleporter at your AI station
    - Unlock all tools at your AI station
    - Matter manipulator instantly mines, digs a 1x1 area by default (3x3 on shift+click)
    - Effectively unlimited building and digging range

    - Spawn invisible items that you can put in your vanity slots to appear naked while wearing armor (ILikeCheating Items -> Tools)
    - Spawn a helmet that makes you invisible (ILikeCheating Items -> Tools)

    - Immunity to elements (like radiation and heat)
    - Toggleable godmode (See Tech Station -> Suit Tech)
    - Noclip mode (Press H to activate, must enable tech at Tech Station -> Suit Tech)
    - Sit mode, sit anywhere you like (Press G to activate, WASD to move, must be using a noclip tech)
    - Automatic crouch mode (Press SHIFT+G to activate, must be using a noclip tech)
    - Ability to place grass and ores (ILikeCheating Items -> Tools, must be using a noclip tech)
    - Ability to make objects not interactable, and to break unbreakable obkects (ILikeCheating Items -> Tools). Try using that in combination with unbreakable objects to make some interesting stuff!

    - 100% compatible with vanilla multiplayer servers. You can install this mod then join another server and every feature will work. This mod is also server friendly, and will not generate errors server-side.


    Download and extract the ILC_Core folder to your mods folder.
    It should look something like this:

    Enter Starbound and press C. You should see "ILikeCheating Objects, ILikeCheating Colors, ILikeCheating Items" available to craft.

    Craft a "ILikeCheating Objects" item to unlock everything for that character!
    You can then unlock techs, tools and ship capabilities at your AI station.









    Errors4l for Spawnable Items Pack, an inspiration for this mod.
    Vaeux, who posted his unfinished Color Forge on Reddit, which was the inspiration for the color forging mod in ILikeCheating.
    Aiko, for various StarCheat tricks.
    Dreg, for the multipass sprite and letting me take nice pictures. :)

    Permissions and Redistribution

    Do not post, link or upload this mod on Nexus sites, including derivatives or mod packs including this mod.

    Otherwise, derivatives and redistribution is allowed as long as you inform me, and include a copy of this license.

    Shameless Advertisment

    I help run a whitelisted Starbound roleplaying server called Orion's Edge. If you like roleplaying, come visit me!

    Q). I can't turn the mod into a folder.
    The mod is archived as a .7z file. You need 7-zip or something similar to open it.
    You can get 7-zip here: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
    If for some reason you don't want to download 7-zip, you can use this alternate link for my mod, which is a .zip file.

    Q). What is this mod compatible with?
    This mod is not compatible with:
    - Creative Mode
    - Spawnables Item Pack
    - Any mod that hijacks suit tech or the crafting tables used
    Partial compatibility with:
    - Skyrail Sits - you won't be able to use my noclip tech and skyrail sits at the same time
    - Any other mod that uses tech that needs the G or H tech keys


    - Fixed noclip bug where tech script will crash if you click with an empty hand.
    - Added a tool to smash objects at the mouse cursor (including unbreakable objects).
    - Added a tool to make objects not interactable.
    - Fixed the vanity head item to use a base item with no mask.
    - Added a whitelist for "placemod" (placing grass / ores) so that they can only be placed on unpaintable tiles. This is due to a Starbound engine bug where placing a mod on a painted tile will crash the game and ruin the world.
    - Added multipass.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Drakkar
    Version: 1.20
    Galaxy Citizen actually only updated the ILC mod and gave a download link for their members because a lot of them really desperately needed it to be updated and couldn't wait. It's not like they actually broke copyright laws. Wtf.
  2. hazeuk
    Version: 1.20
    pls fix it it keeps crashing is this great mod i need it but it crashes something for hylottier8chest
  3. AtomicBunnytron
    Version: 1.20
    Great mod,and can't wait for ILC2! I know they added grass seeds to Pleased Giraffe,but I still like placing ores and other grasses,and the recoloring of furniture is something I miss.
    As for the whole plagiarism business...
    Take into consideration that the creator of this mod is not getting paid for this. All he is getting is recognition,and someone else denied him of it. He wasn't asking much,just for people to inform him of the usage of HIS creation,and copy the criteria. All they had to do was send him a PM,and copy and paste what he wrote for them. It's sad that they couldn't take the time to give someone who had worked for his creation credit.
  4. Starboundbyboundedstars
    Version: 1.20
    Due to being butthurt and having the inability to provide legitimate evidence and coming off as rather harsh, the community in reason denied to remove the mod, simply because A. US law only works in the US (Australian based forum) and B. he provided no evidence that he WAS in fact Narks.

    He is extremely arrogant and pretentious...

    It WAS a great mod though, too bad he can't put priority over emotion.
  5. Wreth
    Version: 1.20
    Mod itself is excellent.

    Mod creator is extremely petty, pretentious and arrogant.
  6. Alhrguy
    Version: 1.20
    It's a nice and helpful tool to have, but as far as the copyright thing is concerned, frankly I don't see a problem. All the times I saw it elsewhere it was just being updated from an older version of the game. Imitation is the best form of flattery (unless we're talking bootlegged games, but we're not).
  7. Roma075
    Version: 1.20
    Mice, i liked mod
  8. grumpytoes
    Version: 1.20
    patch it pls
  9. BloodyAngel
    Version: 1.20
    Patch this please
  10. Dat Dr Pepper
    Dat Dr Pepper
    Version: 1.20
    Please patch it because it keeps crashing my game and I know its this mod because right when i add it and try to play the game it crashes but when i remove it, the game go's back to normal so please just patch it.