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ILikeCheating - The ultimate multiplayer-friendly building tool (outdated) 1.20

Also, you can place grass and ores. :)

  1. ILC and future updates

  2. Minor fixes and stuff

    ILikeCheating v1.20

    For Upbeat Giraffe, Update 2, Protocol 668
    - Fixed noclip bug where tech script will crash if you click with an empty hand.
    - Added a tool to smash objects at the mouse cursor (including unbreakable objects).
    - Added a tool to make objects not interactable.
    - Fixed the vanity head item to use a base item with no mask.
    - Added a whitelist for "placemod" (placing grass / ores) so that they can only be placed on unpaintable tiles. This is due to a Starbound...
  3. Updated to latest version! You can place grass!

    ILikeCheating has finally been updated, and it's better than ever! Mostly.
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