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Improved Tech Console Holograms 2016-12-22

Adjusts a few things in the holograms of the tech console menu.

  1. Santeripe
    Improved Tech Console Holograms

    This is my first time posting anything on here, so if im doing something wrong or have something to improve upon, please let me know and ill see to it.

    This is not my first mod, just a quick reminder. :)

    So, here it is, the one mod that i shouldn't have spent more than 4 hours on but did anyways (Don't worry, im not always that slow. I just wasn't all that motivated or creative).

    It's a really insignificant mod. Like, really, really, really insignificant.
    Because all it does (as you can guess by the title) is change up the sprites of the tech console equipping menu.
    But it does significantly improve the quality of the 2 seconds you spend in the tech equip menu per day. :)

    My main goals with this mod were to create a more clear distinction between the male and female sprites (which, to be honest, wasn't quite necessary) and tweaking things around to make it look nicer.

    Now, for the things ive changed:

    - General:
    - The male and female versions now have more distinguishable silhoulettes (Broader shoulders for males, thinner jawline, waist and arms and broader hips for females).
    - Made the lower leg a bit thinner to make the sprites overall less blocky.
    - Facial adjustments for some extra details.
    - Fixed some small continuity errors, like even out the height of the eyes and mouth and the Glitch's visor being black instead of a dark shade of blue.
    - Changed some more very minor things like singular pixels being out of place.

    - Apex:
    - Made the Unibrow (or eye cleft?Im not really sure) stick out a little less.

    - Avian:
    - Changed beak for females.
    - Added some cheek fluff.

    - Floran:
    - Actually made a male sprite that differs from the female one. (Because if my game files are anything to go by, then these two were actually the exact same? Im not sure. Maybe it was just an error on Chucklefish's part and i don't blame them for it)
    - Fixed a small symmetrical error on the leaf covering the chest for females.
    - Changed some of the lines on the arms and legs as well as reducing the size of the leaves on the arms for females. (This one was purely out of preference.)
    - Adjusted the mouths to more closely resemble the wicked floran grin we all know and "love".

    - Glitch:
    - Tweaked head shape so they look less like robotic mushrooms.
    - Made the legs thicker to better fit the rest of the sprites.
    - Fixed a small inconsistency with the distance between the stripes on the legs.

    - Human:
    - Added mouths. That was it. (Besides the obvious general changes).

    - Hylotl:
    - Tinkered around with the mouths a bit to try and get some variety.
    - Changed the number of ribs(? once again, im not sure.) on the belly to 6. (Again, simply because i think it looks nicer)

    - Novakid:
    - Added generic gender brands. (Had no clue what else to do to spice these rather bland looking sprites up.

    I'm not sure if i can post these images here, because it technically counts as nudity, but also kinda not? So please let me know, i really don't know. :wut:








    You are free to download and edit these sprites, but please only redistribute them with my explicit permission. same goes for including in modpacks.

    So, what do you think? Insignificant or completely insignificant? :)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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  1. Aratashi
    Version: 2016-12-22
    Much better now
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    Ta chido
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    Version: 2016-12-22
    Simple and effective.
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    A bunch of little tweaks make up a bigger picture, nice upload!
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    Version: 2016-12-22
    This may be a small tweak, but it makes the UI look a lot better. Mods don't always have to be big to make some kind of improvement.
  7. PumpkinLuigi
    Version: 2016-12-22
    Small edit, but welcomed either way. Great job