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Jammin' Tracks 2.6

New Update! 207 VGMs for Glad Giraffe! Last Updated July 5th!

  1. samuelandhisdog
    Jammin' Tracks Version 2.6! 207 various songs that are exclusive to videogame OST!
    Hooray for official Starbound 1.0 release!

    Since my Songs to Play mod contains absolutely no VGM whatsoever, I thought it would be nice to create an addon to fill in that gap. This mod features a large variety of music that's quite uncommon on this site. I will be frequently adding music to this mod so check back often.
    Not looking for video game OST? My songpack Songs to Play is COMPLETELY devoid of any videogame music whatsoever! You can find it by clicking here.

    * = Recently Added
    OST in this mod currently contains music from:

    Action 52 (A52)
    Advance Wars: Dual Strike (AWDS)
    Asura's Wrath (AW)
    Baten Kaitos Origins (BKO)
    Bloodborne (BB )
    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (BDFF)
    Castlevania (C)
    Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse (C3D3)
    Castle Crashers (CaCr)

    *Chrono Cross (CC)
    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (CPR)
    Dark Souls 1 (DSI)
    Dark Souls 2 (DSII)
    Daytona USA (DUSA)
    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (DKJB )
    Dragon Quest VIII (DQ8)
    E.V.O. Search for Eden (E.V.O.)
    Eternal Sonata (ES)
    Fire Emblem (FE)
    Fire Emblem: Awakening (FEA)
    Fire Emblem Fates (FEFates)
    Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (FEME)
    Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (FEPR)

    *Final Fantasy I (FF1)
    Final Fantasy III (FF3)
    *Final Fantasy IV (FF4)
    *Final Fantasy V (FF5)

    Final Fantasy VII (FF7)
    Final Fantasy VI (FF6)

    *Final Fantasy VIII (FF8)
    Final Fantasy IX (FF9)
    Final Fantasy X (FF10)
    Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT)
    Final Fantasy Type-0 (FFT0)
    FZero (FZero)
    Grandia (G)
    Guild Wars 2 (GW2)
    .hack//GU (HGU)
    ICO (ICO)
    Jet Force Gemini (JFG)
    Journey (Journey)
    Kirby 64 (K64)
    Kingdom Hearts 2 (KH2)
    Legend of Grimrock (LoG)
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (LoZOOT)
    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (LoZTP)
    Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (LoZSS)
    Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (LoZST)
    Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (MBIS)
    Mario Kart 8 (MK8)
    Monster Hunter 4 (MH4)
    Monster Hunter (MH)
    Mega Man 2 (MM2)
    Mega Turrican (MegaT)
    Mega Man Zero 4 (MMZ4)
    Mega Man X (MMX)
    Metal Gear Solid 2 (MGS2)
    Metal Gear Solid 3 (MGSSE)
    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (MP3C)
    Nier (Nier)
    Okami (Okami)

    *Persona 4 (P4)
    Pokemon: Black/White (PBW)
    Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl (PDP)
    Pokemon: ORAS (PORAS)
    Pokemon: X & Y (PXY)
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (PMTYD)
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (PWAA)

    *Phoenix Wright: Justice For All (PWJFA)
    *Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations (PWTT)

    Rayman (RM)
    *Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (SMTIII)
    Street Fighter II (SFII)
    Star Fox Assault (SFA)
    Silent Hill 2 (SH2)

    *Silent Hill 3 (SH3)
    Silver Surfer (SRSR)
    Sonic Adventure 2 (SA2)
    Suikoden II (SII)
    Super Mario 3D World (SM3DW)
    Super Mario 64 (SM64)

    *Super Mario Galaxy (SMG)
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 (SMG2)
    Super Mario Sunshine (SMS)

    *Super Mario World (SMW)
    Shadow of the Colossus (SotC)
    Super Paper Mario (SPM)
    Super Smash Bros. 4 (SSB4)
    Super Smash Bros. 64 (SSB64)
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB )
    Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM)
    Tales of the Abyss (TOA)
    Treasure Hunter G (THG)
    Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM)

    *UnderTale (UT)
    X (X) - Yeah, the game is called X :cautious:
    Xenoblade Chronicles (XC)
    *Xenoblade Chronicles X (XCX)
    *Xenogears (XG)
    *Ys IV: Mask of the Sun (YS4)

    OMB = One Man Band
    * = Recently Added
    + = Recently Revised
    ^= Includes tracks for a full band
    *= Custom Edit or Original Midi

    As this mod is updated, the list will expand.

    A52 Cheetahmen Theme

    AWDS Andy's Theme

    AW In Your Belief

    BB Gehrman, the First Hunter

    BKO Valedictory Elegy

    BDFF Conflict's Chime

    BDFF Ringabel's Theme

    BDFF Serpent Eating the Ground

    BDFF Silence of the Forest

    BDFF That Person's Name Is

    BDFF Tiz's Theme

    C Vampire Killer

    C3DC Aquarius

    CaCr Four Brave Champions

    CPR Silent Prison

    *CC Another World Theme

    CC Boss Theme

    *CC Home World Theme

    CC Life ~ Far Away Promise

    CC Radical Dreamers

    ^CC SS Zelbess

    DKJB Battle for Storm Hill

    DSI Firelink Shrine

    DSI Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

    DSI Ornstein & Smough

    DSII Sir Alonne

    DQ8 Overture Theme

    DUSA Let's Go Away

    ^E.V.O. Ocean of Origin

    ES Leap the Precipice

    ES The Mediocrity Sought Out By Everyone

    FE Together We Ride

    *FEA Conquest

    FEA Conquest (Ablaze)

    FEA Don't Speak Her Name!

    FEA Id~Purpose

    FEA Theme of Tragedy

    FEFates Aqua's Song

    FEFates Day's Journey

    FEME Rise to the Challenge

    FEPR With Us

    *FF1 Ocean Shrine

    FF3 Boss Battle

    FF3 Boundless Ocean

    FF3 Crystal Cave

    FF3 Jinn's Curse

    FF3 Elia's Theme

    FF3 Eternal Wind

    *FF4 Kingdom Baron

    *FF4 The Dreadful Fight

    FF4 Zeromus Battle

    *FF5 A Presentiment(Intro)

    *FF5 Exdeath Battles

    FF6 Cele's Theme

    FF7 Bombing Mission

    FF7 Boss Theme

    FF7 Main Theme

    FF7 Motorcycle Chase

    FF8 The Extreme

    FF9 Battle Theme

    FF9 Crossing Those Hills

    ^FF9 Hunter's Chance

    FF9 You're Not Alone

    ^FF10 Battle Theme

    FF10 To Zanarkand

    FFT Tension

    FFT0 Zero

    FZero Big Blue

    G Mullen

    GW2 Fear Not This Night

    HGU Yasashii Ryoute

    ICO Castle in the Mist

    Journey Apotheosis

    Journey I Was Born For This

    Journey Nascence

    JFG Main Theme

    JFG S.S. Anubis

    ^K64 02 Battle

    K64 Pop Star

    KH2 Passion

    KH2 Sinister Shadows

    LoG Theme

    LoZOOT Horse Race

    ^LoZSS Lanayru Mining Facility Present

    ^LoZSS Moldarach/Koloktos Battle

    LoZSS Skyloft

    LoZST Overworld Theme

    LoZTP Faron Woods

    LoZTP Hyrule Field

    MBIS The Grand Finale

    MGS2 Main Theme

    MGSSE Snake Eater

    MH4 Departure of a Breeze

    MH Proof of a Hero

    MK8 Wild Woods

    MM2 Air Man Stage

    MegaT Stage 1-2

    MMZ4 Holy Land

    MMX Storm Eagle Stage

    MP3C Dark Samus Theme

    MP3C Omega Ridley

    Nier Emil (Sacrifice) Theme

    Nier Gods Bound By Rules

    Nier Hills of the Radiant Winds

    Nier Kaine's Theme (Salvation)

    NeiR Song of the Ancients

    Nier Yonah (Ashes of Dreams)

    Okami Reset ~ Thank You ~ Version

    Okami The Sun Rises

    P4 Heaven

    *P4 I'll Face Myself

    P4 Pursuing My True Self

    P4 Reach Out to the Truth

    P4 Your Affection

    PBW Route 10

    PDP Champion Battle

    PORAS Wally's Theme

    PXY Super Training!

    PMTYD Cortez Battle

    PMTYD File Select

    PMTYD Final Battle

    PMTYD Final Battle 2

    PMTYD Poshley Heights

    PMTYD Rogueport

    PWAA Cornered

    PWAA Objection!

    *PWJFA Psyche Locks

    PWTT Court Begins

    *PWTT Distant Traces of Beauty

    PWTT Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

    PWTT Hazakurain

    PWTT Lordly Tailor

    PWTT Tres Bien

    *PWTT Pursuit

    RM BandLand

    *SMTIII Rescue

    *SMTIII Title Theme 2

    *SMTIII World Map

    SII Neclord Battle

    SII Reminiscence

    ^SII Prince Luca Battle

    SA2 Live & learn

    SFII Ken's Theme

    ^SFA Star Wolf

    SH2 Promise

    ^SH2 Theme of Laura

    *SH3 You're Not Here

    SRSR Stage

    SM3DW Super Bell Hill Theme

    SM64 Credits Theme

    ^SMS Delfino Plaza

    *SMG Final Battle with Bowser

    SMG Gusty Garden

    SMG Space Junk Galaxy

    SMG2 Fated Battle

    SMS Pinna Park

    SotC A Despair Filled Farewell

    SPM Count Bleck's Theme

    SPM Dimentio Theme

    SSB4 Jogging/Countdown

    SSB4 Light Plane (Vocal Mix)

    SSB64 Hit the Targets!

    SSBB Bramble Blast

    SSBM Final Destination

    SSBM Fountain of Dreams

    SSBM Main Menu Theme

    SSBM Hyrule Temple

    ^SSBM Rainbow Cruise

    *SMW Castle Theme

    TOA Karma (Opening Theme)

    THG Sad Freedom

    UT BoneTrousle

    UT Can You Really Call This a Hotel

    UT Dog Song

    *UT His Theme

    UT Nabstablook Fight

    UT Ruins

    UT Snowdin Town

    *UT Spear of Justice

    UT Snowy

    X Tunnel Scene

    ^XC Colony 9

    XC Engage the Enemy

    XC Gaur Plains (Day)

    XC Gaur Plains (Night)

    XC The God-Slaying Sword

    XC Imperial Capital, Agniratha (Night)

    XC Into Deadlands

    XC Main Theme

    XC Prologue A

    XC Prologue B

    XC Satorl Marsh

    XC To the Last Battle

    XC Unfinished Battle

    XC Valak Mountain(Day)

    XC Valak Mountain(Night)

    XC You Will Know Our Names

    XC Zanza

    *XCX Black Tar

    XCX Sylvalum (Day)


    *XG Awakening (Penultimate Battle)

    XG Emotion

    XG Flight

    XG My Village is Number 1!

    XG Shevat, the Wind is Calling

    *YS4 Great Forest of Celceta

    You won't find songs in this color anywhere! These custom edits/original copies are exclusive to this songpack guaranteed!

    Deposit this mod in the Starbound/giraffe_storage folder in
    the game's directory.
    Please leave feedback! Thanks!

    This songpack was made to feature requests
    everyone! Please, feel free to request songs
    that are not commonly found on this site! Leave
    requests in the discussion please. Thank you!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. flibertyjibet
    Version: 2.6
    Love the songs - but I don't have anything that can convert or open .rar files, could you maybe make a .zip version?
  2. Akito_Rui33
    Version: 2.6
    Very good.
  3. Deadricklord
    Version: 2.6
    Ho-Ho-Holy Shit
  4. Enderman99102
    Version: 2.5
    Great tunes! Made a lot better with the use of instrument mods. If I can make a request, could you possibly add some Ori and the Blind Forest OST?
  5. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: 2.5
    Still my favorite mod full of game music to use on servers. :D
  6. Unova
    Version: 2.4
    I hear a lot of Playstation game songs, and I like that! A lot.
  7. ToxicAudri
    Version: 2.3
    I love this mod, it adds so much more to the game in terms of the included instruments, the songs are all largely memorable songs from the games they are taken from.

    However I did notice there are only a few from some games, I have only found 1 for FF7 (Bombing mission) and very few from LOZOOT, I was wondering if you had plans to add more to them for the ones already listed, or is it purely by requests, such as if someone requested say the Crazy Motorcycle for FF7 or the Mako reactor theme?

    If so I would request many of the songs from FF7, Opening theme, Main theme, Mako reactor, Boss battle theme, Crazy Motorcycle, largely I would like to request all the music from FF7, and would love to see MSGSSE, Snake Eater (I think this one could be great for a band with vocals) included too, but I don't want to be greedy and would appreciate if you included at least one from my small list here if you did not already have plans for such.
    1. samuelandhisdog
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback!

      The reason those songs like bombing mission for example are included is because with each update, I try to collect OST not present in the modpack Mighty Music, which contains like, 2000 songs. And while it has that many, some do get overlooked.

      At the same time, if requests for a certain song/songs are made then I'll probably include it regardless. I'm gonna go ahead and add your requests to the post in mod discussion.
  8. Androconia
    Version: 2.3
    Seems cool, glad that there's more music.
  9. L3W
    Version: 2.2
    Nice list of songs! Definitely worth 5 stars and not 2... *cough*
    1. samuelandhisdog
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Yeah that shocked me too.
  10. XxChaosXx
    Version: 2.0
    Love it. SOTC YES XD