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Jaxine's Armory!

All of my Weapon Mods in one place!

  1. Jaxine's Armory! (Update 5) (Recipies Reworked)

    Added Protectors Elitesword.
    Protector's Elitesword.png
    Similar to my Protectorate Elitesword, only it now has Empowerment!! (Requested by dafax)
    (Credit to Inf_Wolf14, helped on coding)

    Added a "Repaired" Broken Broadsword, simply called "Protectorate Broadsword".
    Added Q&A entry to explain my Protectorate Swords better.

    Recipies re-evaluated.

    Excalibur now also requires 20 Silver.
    Sephirothic Masamune requires Solarium instead of Gold.
    Muramasa now requires 10 Volarium, no Scortched Cores. Learns with Volarium.
    Masamune's Solarium is now 10.
    Demon Lord's Blade requires 13 Volarium, learns with Volarium.

    Protectorate Elitesword sprite's crossguard "wings" removed. Damaged lowered for balance. Alternate sprite is still available in file with installation instructions.

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