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Jaxine's Armory!

All of my Weapon Mods in one place!


    Yes, it's late. Meh, its here!

    Added Protectorate Armor set,
    Protectorate Commander set with cape and optional pants or skirt,
    Traditionallotl Armor,
    Folran style Greenfinger's Bow,
    a .50 Caliber Anti-Materiel rifle with armor piercing / explosive rounds,
    the Legendblade from Starbound's early days,

    Have fun!

    *Jaxine, Jaxine's Armory, and all affiliates of the previously stated do not accept liability or responsibility for any maiming, murder, genocide, destruction or any other form of use or misuse of any item from any or all of this mod pack may and most likely will cause. Players are to remember not to run with sharp objects and to point firearms away from own face. If player chooses to point firearms at one-self, consult a mental health specialist immediately and do not continue being stupid. Players are also reminded to play in a well lit area at all times. Failure not to do so may result in some if not possibly all of the following: eye strain, drowsiness, headaches, loss of brain cells, cancer, ebola and third degree death. Players are reminded to take regular bathroom breaks. Failure to do so may and with your luck, most likely will cause the following: pissing one-self, shitting one-self, bladder infection, constipation, bleeding, stupidity, doctor's appointments and death. maybe. Players are reminded to make sure one-self can distinguish a game from reality. if one finds themself beating prostitutes with a baseball bat, taking their money, and stealing a car in broad daylight outside a video game, consult either a mental health specialist or the authorities immediately. if you read all this, you may want to question what you spend your time doing. this is sixty-five percent meaningless crap. thank you.
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