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Job Offers: Hire anyone 1.1.2

Use one of these to hire any friendly NPC

  1. v1.1.2: Fixes colony/quest NPCs not being recruitable, adds Deadbeat Scroungers

    - Fixes tenants and quest NPCs not being recruitable (team 0)
    - Adds Deadbeat Scroungers to recruitable NPCs (scorched planet NPCs, the ones that don't attack you)
  2. v1.1.1: Fixes neutral NPCs not being recruitable

    - Fixes shadow people and other neutral NPCs not being recruitable.
    - Slightly better error message.
    - Adds Froggs to the unrecruitable list (they are Hylotl with Frogg pants so once they are recruited with the protectorate armor they end up headless or worse).
  3. Compatibility patch for Create-a-Friend

    Job Offers 1.1 now patches the base.npctype and since Create-a-Friend uses its own villager and guard npctypes the mod complains. The compatibility patch found here makes it work again.
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  4. 1.1: Better compatibility, better error handling, more recruitable npcs (nuru and others), etc


    - Better compatibility (now it works with Active Stealth Module and probably many other mods)
    - Better error handling (now SAIL will mention if it thinks the mod is being overwritten by another mod)
    - More NPCs (now you can recruit most of the story NPCs, like Nuru).
    *** NOTE: You may want to avoid doing this during missions unless you don't mind breaking them (like recruiting a NPC before it opens a door). ***
    - Fixes colony tenants reappearing after recruiting them...
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  5. v1.0.4: Adds missing tailor craftable recipe

    Adds missing "Job Offer: Tailor" recipe and adds missing function to script.
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  6. 1.0.3: Outlaw and Mechanic job offers added to furniture shop

    Outlaw and Mechanic job offers added to furniture shop
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  7. 1.0.2: Outlaw and Mechanic added

    Added Outlaw and Mechanic to the craftable player list
  8. 1.0.1: Tailor added

    Adds the tailor job offer to the craftable/buyable lists.